My Fantasy- 2 Broken Dreams

(Sequel to My Fantasy) After Harry's unexpected question, Katie doesn't know what to say. But her answer is backed up, as she has a reason for saying.....
Her ex-boyfriend makes a surprise visit, costing Katie all sorts of problems..... How will she get out of it this easily?


27. James

After college, I went straight up to my room and sat on my bed. I looked at the wall and just thought. What would my life be right now if I never bumped into Harry that day? I would probably be that normal non-popular girl still in college, carrying on with my studying. I would have never been harassed by those men in the park, and then attacked my my own ex-boyfriend outside Nandos. None of that would have happened if I never met Harry. What if I never met him? Would my life be better?

No. I need to stop with the what ifs. There is no going back. My past makes me who I am today. I need to just stop thinking of him. Get him out of m head. 

I got up to go and get my purse to get my phone out. I crouched on the floor, fishing it out. When I finally got it out, a slip of paper fell out. I opened it and it was the receipt from Starbucks with that guy, James number. I thought about it for a while and then I decided to call him.




Ri- "Hello?" Gosh, his voice just made me weak at the knees.

"Uhh.... Hi, it's me." I said, quietly, cause I was shy and all.

"Me? Sorry who?" He asked. I mentally face-palmed myself.

"Sorry, it's m-me, Katie, from the cafe." I stuttered. God what was wrong with me? He'll probably think I was from a mental hospital.

"Oh yeah hey Katie. I remember, I gave my number to you, right?"

"Yeah, yeah, you did, on a receipt." I said.

"Ahahaha yeah, not very original of me, eh?" He laughed.

"No, it was fine." I giggled.

"So.... do you wanna get coffee with me?" He asked. I got butterflies in my stomach, and instantly blushed. Thank god he couldn't see me write now. I looked like a 12 year old who had just been asked to a dance.

"Yeah, that would be really nice."

"Okay, well text me your address and I'll come and pick you up in about 30 mins, if you want?" Wow that was soon. But I wasn't gonna object to that.

"Yeah, okay well, I'll text it you now."

"Alright, Bye beautiful." Gosh. That voice.

"Bye James." I hung up my phone and jumped on the spot, squealing.

Oh, wait. Did he say 30 minutes? Shit. Okay wardrobe get ready for me. I scrambled off the floor, which I had somehow landed on in my rush of excitement. I swung open the doors and scraped the hangers to the side repeatably looking at every outfit I saw. I finally set on some casual clothes and grabbed my rucksack,

I texted him the address about 20 mins ago, and so he should be here in about 10 minutes. Ahhhh well I might as well go kill some time and watch some How I Met Your Mother. I plodded down the stairs and slumped down on the sofa. My mum was in the kitchen making supper for later. 

"You look nice, where are you going?" She quizzed me.

"I'm just going for coffee with a friend." I simply said, like it was no biggie, when actually it was. My mum nodded and turned back around and carried on stirring what ever magical food she had in the pot. It was coming up to half past 4, so he should be here any minute. Gosh I can't even concentrate on the telly at the mo. And I'm talking about How I Met Your Mother. My favorite programme. That's how freaked out I was at the moment. A car horn honked outside, so I hopped up from the sofa and made my way to the door. 

"I'll see ya later mum." I said and slammed the front door. I made my way down my porch steps and into James' car. I looked into his deep blue eyes.

"Hey." I said. I bet I was blushing furiously.

"Hey yourself. You look nice, you ready?" He said, casually flicking his black fringe out of his eye.

"Thanks, yeah, lets go." I said and plugged my seat belt in. He pulled out onto the street and drove to the cafe.

"So, how was your day?" He said, keeping his eyes on the road.

"It was okay, but cause it's first day back from the holidays, and first time after Harry and stuff, I got quite a lot of attention." I sighed.

"Why did you get loads of attention? And who's Harry?" He asked glancing at me. 

"Errrmmm, well.....I-I..." I decided not to tell him, so I came up with the worst excuse ever. "Well Harry is my brother? And he got ummmmm hit by a car?" I said. Oh fuck. What the fucking hell have I just said. Oh shit. Shit. Shit. Katie? I mentally slapped myself multiple times.

"Wow, I'm sorry, is he alright now?" He asked with a concerned face. Oh for fucks sake Katie, what have you done, you're just digging yourself deeper. Why didn't you just tell him in the first place? Urghhh.

"Yeah, he's fine now. He only had a couple of errrmm....scratches and cuts." I said looking forward at the road confidently so he wouldn't suspect anything. 

"Oh well that's good. How old is your brother?" Okay think of a good age....

"He's ummm 11." Shit, why didn't I say 20 something so my "brother" would be at uni. Not 11, because that means he would be at home. Shit. Ohhhh Kate!

"Okay, well I'd love to see you're brother one day." Shit.

"Yeah that would be good, but he has a phobia of ummm new people..." What. The. Fuck.

"Errrrmmm...... okay?" He said looking weirded out.  Okay I think I should just shut up sometimes.

"So.... which cafe are we going to?" I asked desperately trying to change the subject, but thankfully he bought it.

"Well there is this really hip place, where all the students hang out, so I thought I'd take you there." He said smiling.

"Oooh that sounds wicked." I said, my confidence finally taking place.

After what felt like hours of awkward silence but actually only a matter of a couple of minutes, we arrived. I uncliped my seat belt and opened the door. Well this "date" couldn't get any more awkward.

I couldn't have been any more wrong.

Hey guys, sorry I haven't written in ages. I had writers block, but I now know where the story is going. Thanks for waiting.

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