My Fantasy- 2 Broken Dreams

(Sequel to My Fantasy) After Harry's unexpected question, Katie doesn't know what to say. But her answer is backed up, as she has a reason for saying.....
Her ex-boyfriend makes a surprise visit, costing Katie all sorts of problems..... How will she get out of it this easily?


6. Harry or Louis?

We came through the front door, Louis put his keys on the side looked at me and sighed. I put my stuff down on the sofa and sat down. Man, it felt so good to be home. "EVERYONE, KATIE'S BACK!" Louis shouted, oh dear lord, what has he done now. I can hear Niall screaming and running down the stairs, great I'm gonna be back in hospital before I know it. "Katiieee!" He said and ran up to me and hugged me on the sofa, squeezing me too hard. "Hi Niall, w-wait stop, you're squeezing me too hard!" I said breathless breaking away. My arm was still hurt, but it was in a tight bandage. I stood up, avoiding any awkward hugs I would get on the sofa like Niall's one. Zayne came up to me. "Hello love, you feeling better?" He looked at me, his chocolate eyes gazing, but waiting for an answer.

"Yup, I'm feeling 100% better!" I said laughing.

"Well that's good to hear." He said chuckling and walking away. Then Liam came up to me held me out at arms length, examined me and then finally said, "You look better, but you need to eat more, you've become very thin, very quickly." He said, with a concerned look in his face.

"I promise I will eat, It was just the stress of everything, and the hospital and stuff." I said looking back down at the floor to avoid any more "feeling sorry for you" looks.

"Okay, well you've promised so now I'm gonna go and make you a... errrmmm oh! I know, I'm gonna make you a slap up meal of.....Bake beans on toast!" I laughed, he really cheers me up sometimes!

"Ahahaha, yes chef!" I said jokingly, while he walked over to the kitchen to prepare my "slap up meal". Harry still hadn't come to say hello to me or to greet me, in fact I hadn't seen him since my first day in hospital. He slowly walked over to me looking, ashamed. Everyone went into the kitchen to avoid the awkwardness. "Look, Katie," He began, "I'm so sorry, this is my fault, if I -"

"Harry! NO! This is NOT your fault, don't blame yourself, If I didn't go off in a strop then this wouldn't have happened."

"Katie, look, I...I just wanted to apologize about my behavior that day. What I said, I didn't mean it."

"You don't like me?" I said. So he didn't mean it when he asked me out, right that explains a lot.

"No, No!I mean I didn't mean it when I said all that crappy stuff about how you should like me because I'm famous and stuff, I'm sorry, I still really like you though." He said looking down at the floor. I don't know what came over me, but the words came tumbling out of my mouth. "Yes." 

"Yes? What do you mean?" He said looking up at me.

"Yes, I will go out, with you." I said slowly. He looked up and grinned from ear to ear and then picked me and spun me around. I laughed as he plopped me back down on the ground. He then lent down and hovered near me as if to ask for permission. I lent in as if to say yes, and I planted my lips on his. There it was again, that spark. It felt as if a million butterflies were flying around in my stomach, bursting to come out, tickling me from the inside. It felt like fireworks being set off, all that cheesy stuff they say in the movies, well it really is true. 


Published [07/11/2012  21:39]

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