My Fantasy- 2 Broken Dreams

(Sequel to My Fantasy) After Harry's unexpected question, Katie doesn't know what to say. But her answer is backed up, as she has a reason for saying.....
Her ex-boyfriend makes a surprise visit, costing Katie all sorts of problems..... How will she get out of it this easily?


11. Escape

Katie's P.O.V.

It had been about 1 hour since I woke up in this room. One whole hour of doing nothing. I could be in bed with Harry right now cuddling him, while he sings to me, like he does when we've watched a scary movie together, but no. I was in this shit hole of a place, and I.Had.No.Idea where I was, how badly hurt I was or anything, all I've been doing for that hour is sitting and thinking about Harry and how the hell I was going to escape, because right now my chances are looking pretty slim.

I crawled over to the lamp in the corner of the room and I put my leg up to it to see the damage done, but there was no sign of anything, it was obviously a bone, or muscle problem. I don't know. And why don't I know? Oh yes, that's right. I've been kidnapped by my ex-boyfriend. I went over to the door, and I tried opening the door, but as I assumed it was locked. I went around the room looking for things to help me un-board the windows. I think there was a closet and I went over to it, and opened it. But no. It was a bathroom. And it stank. The loo was, well lets say that the person before me obviously didn't think they would be having any company. There was a sink as well. As soon as I saw it, my throat started to ache. I was so thirsty. I went over to the tap and turned it but nothing came out. Great. Just great. There was a glass mirror and I looked at my appearance and I gasped. My face was covered in bruises and scabs. My whole body was in fact covered. Robbie really made a better job out of me this time.

I put my hand on the mirror (I was in the moment) and realized that when my hand touched the mirror that it slightly, ever so slightly gave way. I pushed my hand on it and noticed that it was one of those push and release cabinets that had a mirror on the front. I opened the cupboard and looked at the shelf. There was a first aid kit, medicines, and then there was a knife. I took the knife and the first aid kit and shut the mirror cupboard and turned off the light, and crawled out of the bathroom. (I crawled cause of my leg) I went over an perched on the bed, my heart beating hard through my chest. I could die now. I could just easily slit my wrist. But no, I'm not that stupid, I can get out of this easily and there are better uses for the knife. I got up and limped, (It was better than crawling) to the window. I got the knife, and I started to saw at the wood. But of course because it's me, and I never have any luck with anything, the knife was blunt. In the process the knife slipped and I cut my hand. I went to the first aid kit and tried to find a plaster to stop the bleeding. I didn't want Robbie to wonder how I got fresh blood on the floor or bed, because then he will know. He will know that I found the knife and all the other stuff in the cupboard.

I looked inside the bag, expecting to see those everyday things that you find in a first aid kit. But no. Oh god no, there was no ant-septic wipes or spray, no plasters, no arnica. But there was better. There was a screwdriver. I quickly grabbed it. I out the knife in my back pocket, quietly got up and hopped over to the window. This was all I needed. I went straight to the bolts and started at them with the screwdriver. They were done really stiffly but I managed to get one off. It fell to the floor with a CHINK. I slowly did the next one waiting to catch the bolt when it fell so it wouldn't make any other noises. Slowly but efficiently I got the first board off the window. Little beams of light were pouring into the room, through the cracks. I finally did the second to last board and I peeked my head up at the window after putting the board down on the floor, and I looked out. I was on a street, yes. So he made it easier for me. At least he didn't put me in a deserted house in the middle of the forest or desert. I finally did the last board. I stood back up. As I did, as if on cue, I heard Robbie's voice outside. I looked out of the corner of the window. He was out there with some mates of his from school. Yeah I recognized them. There was Alex Hinchely, Jack Tamworth and some other mate of his. They were walking out of the garage that was attached to the house and were making there way towards the end of the street. Twat. He really was going to leave me in this house forever until I starved.

 By the time they were out of sight which took them about 2 minutes, I finally turned to the window, and tried opening it. But it wouldn't budge. I tried again, but still, it would not move. I then noticed I was having a Katie moment and unhinged the bit above the window and I slowly wheeled it open. Yes! I was free. But shit. How the hell was I supposed to get down. Okay there was the garage. I stepped out of the window, my bum sitting on the inside of the room. I stretched out my good leg (my right) and I rested my leg on the roof of the garage. I slowly moved myself so I was in the position to either jump and make it, or jump and fall. Either way, was going to make no difference. My leg was already fucked up. I counted to three; 1....2....3!  I jumped and just this time, luck was on my side. I slid down the side of the garage. Trying to ignore the pain in my leg, I hobbled the opposite direction the boys went, and I headed to what I hoped was a town.


Published [13/11/2012  20:55]

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