The Night Before

*Twilight Competition* What if Bella wasn't what she seemed? What if she wasn't feeble, fragile and... normal? All will be revealed the night before...
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5. Wolf Power


“Wolf power?” I breathed out slowly. Sure I’d heard that werewolves were very powerful creatures. They sure were very strong that compared to hundreds of human beings. They had a very a good sense of smell and hearing. And when in wolf form they are immune to ageing, which practically makes them immortal.

However, the line I read next added something more to the meaning of power.

‘Power to cause change’.

Change what? What did that mean? I thought for a moment, and took a deep breath. Maybe there was a perfect reason to why Jacob wanted me to see this. Never the less, things weren’t making sense so far, so I continued reading.

‘Werewolves have the ability to change any creature into a werewolf without causing them harm or changing what they already are.’

My breathing stopped and my eye’s went wide. Werewolves can do that? They can change someone, without changing what they are. What if a werewolf was to change me? Would there be a risk to losing my wings? Questions sprang to mind.

Suddenly I felt a nudge form Jacob beside me. “So have you read it yet?” he asked excitedly.

“Werewolves can change people, too?” I asked, ignoring his question. I still didn’t believe what I read. Jacob nodded, with a smile plastered on his face.

“What about me? Can they change angels?” I asked, barely a whisper. Jacob pointed to a line in the book, on my lap. ‘Without causing them harm or changing what they already are’. “If a wolf changed me, would I still have my wings?” I lifted my head from the book to look at Jacob. I needed my answer.

If I got my answer and it was safer than turning into a vampire angel, where the risk of losing my wings still stood, I wouldn’t have to marry Edward.

“Bella, when a werewolf turns you into a werewolf they only add to your genetic genes. Everything else about you will remain the same. It’s just that you will be able to transform into a werewolf, like me.” He further explained. I stared at him for a moment, absorbing all the information he was giving me. One question remained in the back of my mind; I decided to let it out.

“How can someone turn you into a werewolf?” I blurted. He smiled. Obviously pleased, that I was considering his ‘alternate option’.

“Carry on reading.” He urged. So I did.

‘A werewolf can turn one into a werewolf, by biting them on the place between the neck and shoulder.’

Biting. They changed into werewolves by biting? It was amazing how similar they were to vampires, yet they were so different. I automatically placed a hand to the on side my neck.

“Right there.” Jake whispered in my ear, leaning over and replacing my hand to the right spot. I shivered beneath his touch. However, I shook it off and carried on reading.

‘Despite a werewolf being able to change another, it can only be done on a full moon.’ After reading that, my head snapped up towards the small window. I stared out to the dark sky, my eyes finding the white glimmering moon. It was a full circle and brighter than ever. I gasped. Were these signs pointing me to a particular direction?

“Bells?” Jacob interrupted, resting a hot hand on my shoulder. I turned to face him, still speechless.

“Jacob…you…” I stuttered to say.

“Yes Bells?” I urged me to continue.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” I asked. If he had told me before I wouldn’t have agreed to marry Edward.

“Bells, I only found out yesterday. I was so angry that I couldn’t do anything to prevent you from marrying a bloodsucker, so I wrecked the place.” He said gesturing to the room around him. “I knocked the books over and suddenly I came across this book. I had a little look through and… well I thing you can guess the next.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

I breathed out heavily and looked up at the window, and then back at the book. I wanted to know more.

‘Along with the change the person will come to know what they most desire, if they already don’t.”

What they desire? I didn’t know what I desired. All I knew was that I wanted to be more than an angel, but it wasn’t what I desired from seep within.

“Jacob, you showed me this so that I could turn into a werewolf angel rather than a vampire angel?” I asked, eye brows raised.

Jake looked down, suddenly finding the floor a lot more interesting.

“It has no risk. You won’t lose your wings.” He said defensively.

“Jake…” I started to say, but I had no idea where I was going with this.

“Jake, would you… turn me? I asked, saying the last bit as a tiny whisper.

“Bella, I would do anything for you, anything at all. Especially if it means you’re not going to get married to that filthy blood sucker and lose your wings.” He said proudly.

I hadn’t noticed how close he was to me, until I felt his hands snake around my waist and pulled me close. I stared deep in his big brown eyes; I saw my own reflection in them. Something inside me caught on fire and I knew what I wanted.

“Change me.” I whisper in his ear.

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