The Night Before

*Twilight Competition* What if Bella wasn't what she seemed? What if she wasn't feeble, fragile and... normal? All will be revealed the night before...
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4. The Book


Jacob still carried me, slung on his shoulder. It never fails to surprise me how strong he is, considering his age. I’d given up slamming my fists on his back; they seriously hurt me now. I just couldn’t bother to move at all. I was so drained out and tired, that it pained. I’d thought about getting my wings out and even tried, but it was no use. I was tired and my wings were too stiff to even move. I guess they would just be tucked away in my back for a little while longer.

“Jake where are we going?” I asked with a yawn. My arms limp before me and swinging side to side as Jacob moved.

“You’ll see.” He said, once again. I really badly wanted to know, and each time I’d ask, he always replied with the same thing. I rolled my eyes.

“You will bring me back before tomorrow, right? Because I have a wedding to attend.” I said sarcastically. Inside, I did hope I was back before tomorrow. If any of the Cullen’s found out that I was missing they would go on a hunt to find me.

The first one to know would probably be Alice. She wouldn’t be able to see me around Jacob. She might get suspicious as to what was going on.

I heard Jacob groan beneath me. What was wrong with him? It’s like everything about my wedding or the Cullen’s it disgusted him, or was it just the fact that I was getting married to a vampire?

“Jacob, you are bringing me back right?” I asked again.

“We’ll see Bells. It will be your choice.” He replied. I was absolutely discombobulated to hear that come out of his mouth.

“My choice?” I asked, to myself more than to him.

“Yeah. I’m giving you an alternative option, to getting married to that blood sucker.” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Jacob, I don’t think there are any more options for what I want.” I said with a sigh.

“You’ll see.” He said as we almost fell towards the ground, but steadied himself.

“You know what, I’m going to shift. We’ll get there quicker, that way.” He said putting me on my own two feet. I almost fell backwards but was stopped by Jake’s warm hands snaking around my waist.

“Don’t run anywhere.” He whispered in my ear. A cold shiver ran down my spine and I could feel goose bumps form on my arms. Suddenly the warm feeling was gone when Jacob hid behind a tree to shift. Roots sprouted from the souls of my feet and I waited patiently, but not for long; as he was in his wolf form, in front of me, within seconds.

In his mouth he held his clothes and gestured them towards me. I automatically took them and held them close to me, taking in his woodsy aroma. I heard Jacob growl, and my eyes darted towards him. He was sitting down doggy style, waiting for me to climb onto his back.

“Seriously Jacob? I prefer it when you carry me in human form.” I mumbled, but never the less hopped on to his back and dug my hands in his fur. I felt him relax beneath me. Then we were off.

He carried me through the forest for miles and miles, pushing through the trees and branches, whilst crushing many broken twigs beneath his paws every time he leaped forward. I tried to close my eyes to ignore the colours of green and brown that was flashing before my eyes, but they wouldn’t come to a close. Jake ran faster and faster, never letting up speed or taking time to rest.

Suddenly, we started going slower and slower, and I became more familiar in the place we were. La Push. In the distance I could hear the sounds of waves crashing against the rocks in the sea, and I smell the salty air. This was the place where I met Jacob for a second time. I still remember it like it was just yesterday.

Soon all the greenery of the forest was gone, and the full view of the beech came into sight. Jacob sat down with me on his back causing me to slide down and land with a thump on the wet sand. Still on the floor, I gave Jacob a glare and he just stuck out his tongue.

I rolled my eyes and threw his clothes that I was holding at him. He immediately caught them in his mouth mid stride, and went behind a distant tree.

Meanwhile I still sat on the sand and gazed out in front of me. It was still dark and the moon was high in the sky. Millions of tiny starts surrounded the moon, and twinkled bright. It was so peaceful and beautiful, just to sit there and absorb this moment. I was just about to let my eye lids fall when I felt a thump beside me.

My eyes snapped opened, only to see Jacob next to me. I relaxed, and snuggled deeper into his side. I don’t know why I did it. It just seemed natural to me. He was my Jake after all. Jake wrapped his arms around me and exhaled. For a few moments we were just lost in the sky with all the stars and glimmering moon.

“So you brought me here to snuggle on the beach?” I asked, breaking the silence. I felt him shuffle next to me.

“No. I brought you here to show you something.” He answered cheekily. He stood up and dusted his shorts off, then held out a hand to help me up.

I gratefully took his offer and let him pull me up. I dusted myself off, but my butt was still damp from the sand.

“Show me.” I commanded. He happily took my hand and led me to the Black’s residence. Even though he was acting brave and strong, I could feel he was a nervous wreck inside. Jacob pushed the door open and dragged me inside, the living room.

There I saw Billy in his wheel chair. An old brown blanket lay draped over his legs. His eyes automatically met mine when I stepped inside. He look towards Jacob and then back at me and smiled.

“Hello Bella.” He greeted.

“Hey Billy.” I replied. “How are you?” I said trying to be as polite as I could. I wasn’t good when I was tired. Right now I needed some sleep. Whatever Jake has to show me better be worth it.

“Doing well. And yourself?” he returned the question.

“I’m fine. Although I am really tired, and I have a big day tomorrow.” I said glaring towards Jacob. Jake just smirked back at me. I narrowed my eyes even more.

“Urm, hey dad. I have something to show Bells. So could you…” Jacob said trailing of what he was going to say. Before he could finish Billy was already leaving.

“My pleasure.” He said wheeling himself out of the small room.

Within seconds, Jake and I were left alone in a rather cosy looking room. There was a comfy sofa in the middle and shelves along and across a wall, which were filled with books. It had a more homey feeling that Edwards house. Edward’s house was so open and spacious, whereas Jakes little house, was cosy and compact.

“Right!” Jacob exclaimed, knocking me out of my thought. I looked towards him; he was busy scanning the books on the shelves, trying to find the right one. Did he bring me here to show me a book? I shook the thought out of my brain. It better be something worth it.

“Jacob? Did you bring me all the way here to show me a book?” I questioned.

“Not just any book. It will be the book which determines your decision on tomorrow.” He explained, without turning around to look at me.

“Do you want any help finding it? Because we don’t have all day you know.” Just when I offered, a book fell on his head. He bent down to pick it up.

“Found it!” he yelled, cheerfully. I groaned and sat down on the couch near him.

“What is it?” I asked interested, in what way was this book going to help me determine or even sway my decision.

He handed the book to me and I took it. It was heavy, and bonded together with leather. The front cover had a title ‘Power’ that was scratched out, it was brown leather parched. I ran my fingers over the top, feeling all the bumps and individual scratches that it had. I try to feel how long this book was here for, and by the looks of it, it was a long time.

I looked at Jake. He just smiled at me and urged me to open the book. So I very carefully opened it up, scared that I might rip it to pieces because it was so fragile. The pages were musty and old. The sides of it started curling, but you could still see the curly writing inside.

I read the first line …

“Wolf Power.”

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