The Night Before

*Twilight Competition* What if Bella wasn't what she seemed? What if she wasn't feeble, fragile and... normal? All will be revealed the night before...
Copyright (C)


2. Dream

I ran deeper and deeper into the dark and gloomy forest. I breathed heavily, trying to catch my breath. I stumbled on some tree roots as I travelled to the core of the forest. I had no idea where I was going; what I was going to do. But one thing was for sure, I had to keep running so he couldn’t find me. I wouldn’t let him corner me. Never!

I stumbled forward and fell towards the ground, roughly. My palms hit the stony ground before me, which grazed my knees. I gasped when I heard bunches of fast footsteps, come closer and closer. Oh no, he was coming. I tried to get up, but my knees were too weak. I tried to get my wings out, but they wouldn’t move. They were too stiff. Come on wings, please come out; I chanted. Nothing happened. Soon I heard voices, mumbling incoherent sentences. Then I heard it; the laugh, his laugh.

I looked up, to see his pale white face, glimmering in the moonlight. Edward. His amber eyes turned black, and his cold lips were straight. No! I looked around to see more pairs of feet, but once my eyes travelled up to see their faces, I wished I didn’t look.

They were all Edwards; tens and hundreds of them; all circling me. The same pale face and black eyes, stared me down. No, this couldn’t be good. My heart was picking up its pace and my whole body felt numb, I couldn’t move. I knew what I had done wrong.

“Edward, I’m sorry.” I whispered, laying on my back. “I am sorry I didn’t tell you.” I whispered again. “It was wrong of me, to use you for power.” I said more to myself than him.

From the corner of my eye I saw one of the Edwards kneel down beside me. And take me in there arms. “It’s okay Bella.” He said, stroking my soft hair. I looked up towards the sky, it started snowing and snow settled on my hair.

“I-it’s okay?” I stuttered, more of a question to myself than to him. I was confused. I looked up into his dark eyes, which bore into mine. “It’s okay?” I asked him more confidently this time.

Edward smiled. “Yes.” He said wiping the tears of my face that I never knew were there.

“Thank you Edward. Thank you so much.” I said embracing him and burying my face into his chest. He didn’t hug me back. I looked up at him questioningly. “Edward?”

“Bella, you will become one of us.” He said plainly. What? I will become one of them? Never! I wasn’t having it. I pulled back slightly and examined his face for more answers, but his face showed no emotion. This wasn’t my Edward. I backed up more but was stopped when I hit the legs of a different Edward. I looked up to see his face.  He smiled down at me.

“No. Edward don’t.” I pleaded looking at the Edward in front of me. “Please don’t.” I whispered. Tears were soaring out of my eyes like waterfalls. More snow rested on the ground beneath us, I hugged myself for warmth.

“Don’t worry Bella. It won’t hurt, a lot.” He said getting up and wiping the snow of his trousers. I looked at him through my blurry eyes. This wasn’t the Edward I knew. He walked closer towards me. I tried to back up, but the other Edwards were holding me down. There was one thing left to try. My wings.

I put all my pressure to my back and prayed my wings would burst out. Come on wings, I chanted again and again. Please come out. It was no use. I was tired out from running and trying to open up. It was no use. I was knocked out of my trance, when Edward roughly held my head back exposing my neck.

I closed my eyes. “Edward please don’t do this.” I pleaded. “I’m sorry.” I mumbled. I shut my eyes closed tighter, expecting to feel a sharp sensation. I waited, but nothing came. I opened my eyes slowly, and was surprised by what I saw.

A big massive, brown, oversized wolf was before me. His big black eyes held my reflection and his snout shined in the moonlight. His fur captured the tiniest snowflakes. My heart calmed down to see him here, to see my Jake. I looked around us, and gasped.

All the Edwards bodies were dead on the snowy ground. Blood was slashed across the ground dirtying the clean, white snow. They were gone. Jacob saved me from them. I didn’t realise I was staring into plain snow when Jake nudged me with his big snout. I blinked and the bodies were all gone. There was nothing there.

I looked at Jacob. “Thank you.” I whispered, raking my fingers through his soft fur. Jake nuzzled his snout in my neck, as I embraced him.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my neck. My eyes went wide, to see the full moon high in the sky. He bit me. Jacob, my friend bit me. My body started heating up, and my vision was going blind. I let out one ear piercing scream, as the painful sensation in my neck grew worse and worse.

I woke up in my bed panting, I was damp with sweat and the heat was radiating of me. It was only a dream. Thank God. Suddenly, I felt a warm presence near me and looked to my side to find Jacob sitting on my bed beside me.

“Jacob!” I gasped.

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