The Night Before

*Twilight Competition* What if Bella wasn't what she seemed? What if she wasn't feeble, fragile and... normal? All will be revealed the night before...
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6. Bite


I looked into his soft eyes, and he looked into mine. I stayed in his embrace; I knew from then on what I really wanted; what I desired. It was him. Deep down within my heart desired for him, and I didn’t notice. All I concentrated on was getting more power; to be something that I wasn’t. I didn’t pay attention to what my heart yearned for.

If I was sure about one thing, it was that I wanted Jake. I wanted my Jake. I was wrong about Edward. Sure, he was handsome and everything a girl could ever want. But to be honest, he could have any girl he wanted; he didn’t need to marry me. As I’d said before, a big part of marrying him was for the power. But the power was a minor compared to what I wanted now. The power was just a bonus.

“Jacob?” I whispered quietly. I got a mumble in my hair as a response. “Will you change me now?” I asked my eyes darting to the full moon slowly going down. As much as I wanted Jacob, I also wanted my bonus to being something more than just angel.

Suddenly I felt myself being pulled by Jacob, with a strong grip on my arm. “Jake? Where are we going?” I asked stumbling through the door out of the house.

“I am going to change you, and make you mine.” He said proudly. I rolled my eyes, but smiled anyway. I was happy to go with him.

We were heading away from the beach into the wilderness of the trees. As we went further, I could feel twigs crunching underneath my feet. My free hand covered my face as the branches of trees smacked me. The full moon was still in the sky, gleaming as usual. Who would have ever though that the moon could play a big part in changing your life?

“Jacob slow down.” I breathed. Still tripping over thin air, I was always clumsy, especially at sport.

“No need. We are already here.” He said stopping, causing me to bang into his chest. Damn his chest was like a brick wall. I rubbed my forehead.

I opened my squinted eye and found myself in a circle full of trees. Above me you could see the beautiful midnight sky. There canopy of trees had a hole in the middle, where they all separated. It was just me, Jacob and the moon. I looked towards Jacob. He had a smile on his face. I smiled back.

His thumb came to my face to wipe away the tears that I never knew where there. Tonight was the night; the night where I will no longer remain angel. Tonight was where I will become something else; I would become a werewolf angel. No doubt the first of my kind.

But most importantly, I would get to be with my Jacob. I wouldn’t have to push those feeling away; I would be able to express them.

“Are you ready?” Jake asked me, with a worried expression on his face. I took a deep breath and nodded.

Jake stepped closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.  I arms automatically snaked around his sturdy neck.

“Close your eyes.” He whispered. His hot air ticked my neck. I obeyed never the less.

I felt his lips press against mine, my breathing was becoming short. His lips sent sparks around my body; I could feel my heart beat faster and faster. His hot lips moved in sync with mine whilst my chest was pressed up against his.

Slowly his lips trailed soft kisses down my jaw, all the way up to my neck. I arched my back and let my head fall back, exposing my neck. I knew it was coming. I knew what he was going to do. I opened my eyes and into view came the moon.

The moon looked glorious as ever. The edges were perfect and round; it was almost as if I could see the man in the moon. It was the full moon that played a big part in changing my life. Slowly my vision blurred, as my eyes closed.

I felt a sharp sensation in my neck. It hurt like a million needles where sticking out of your skin. It almost made my heart skip a beat. His canine teeth sank deep into my neck. My arms became loose around his neck and fell limp to my sides. I saw nothing but blackness. The deed was done.

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