Cara meets Lachlan one day. They both hate each other and they are both to polite to tell one another. But Lachlan thinks Cara has a crush on him and Cara thinks that Lachlan has a crush on her. Will one of them gain enough courage to let the other know their true feelings for one another.


2. Untrue love

 Caras POV

I hated him. But I think he liked me and I didn't want to be rude or offend him. So I politely smiled. Mia & I sat in the living room while he went to the toilet. "So, ya like him?" mi mi (Mia) asked. I almost died in shock. "well...ah you see...." lachy (Lachlan liked to be called that) came in just in time. For a second I was actually thankful for him. He sat down and we finished watching 'Marmaduke'. It was midnight and by the time it was finished I was asleep.

Lachlans POV

I told her I liked to be called Lachy (prononced lock-y). We watched Marley & me and then Marmaduke. She fell asleep and looked so damn ugly!!! We left her there and went into the bedrooms. I had to go Mias room because the spare room had two beds. I heard a thud from downstairs.

Mia's POV

There was a thud coming from downstairs. I ran to cara. She was perfectly fine and was making her way upstairs. She was in the bed next to mine and she drifted off to sleep really quickly. That was the bad thing about having sleep overs with her-she fell asleep without a chat.


**in the morning**


Still mi mi's POV

Before breakfast cara told me that lachy liked her but she didn't like him. After breakfast lachy told me that cara liked him but he didn't like her. Bad situation but I wasn't going to tell either of them. NO WAY! I'm to shy.

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