Janelle is going a glorious vacation in the United Kingdom. She wins VIP tickets to meet the boys and see them live, first row! She brings her two best friends along. Will the boys hate the girls? Find out in, Rapture!


14. The next day.

***Janelle's POV***

My eyes fluttered open slowly. Niall was sitting at the edge of my bed with a glass of water and 2 pills in his hand. My head was pounding. 

"Here." He handed me the pills and the glass. I swallowed the pills and rested my head back down on my pillow. "Janelle.... do you remember what happened last night?"

"Yeah... I met Kristen Stewart and the Teen Wolf cast." I told him. "Right?"

"And a lot of other things happened..." He whispered.

"What did I do?" I asked him waiting for a terrible answer.

"You called Demi a skank, Louis and Karina aren't talking because she defended you and Harry and Kimberly aren't either for the same reason." He told me. 

"Shit." I covered my mouth.

"I don't know what Liam was thinking. He knows what happened last time you drank... Why would he put you through it again? You're only 16. You're not even suppose to be drinking." He started to tear. "I should have went with you, not Liam." He put his face in his hands. 

"No Niall, it's not your fault." I told him.

"I'm still really pissed at you." He told me.

"I bet..." I bit my lip. A tear rolled down my cheek.

"I think... you just need to make sure you're ready for publicity." The words hit me hard, like a knife.

"Mhm." Was all I could get out. "I'm gonna go home." I told him. I got up and grabbed my suitcases from my closet.

"Janelle don't be stupid." He got up and walked towards me.

"I'm just... I'm making things harder for you. I'll just go home. I'm making things harder for Kimberly and Karina. Even Liam." I told him.

"Janelle forget it, don't go. Please." He pressed his forehead against mine.

"But... It's for the best." I bit my lip and looked straight into his eyes.

"No it's not Janelle. Don't go." He kissed the tip of my nose.

"Niall...." I sighed.

"Please Janelle." He begged me.

"I... I don't-" He smacked his lips around mine and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled me closer into his chest, lifting me off my feet. He pulled away.

"Just... can we just talk about what happened?" He asked me. I nodded. I sat down on the bed. He sat down next to me and played with my hands. "You have to apologize to Demi."

"After you apologize to me for not telling me or saying you couldn't go with her anymore." I told him.

"That's fair. Look, you're right. I should have said something before or I should have told her I was taking you instead because you're my girlfriend." He said. I held my hand out.

"Give me the phone and dial her number." I demanded. He nodded. The phone started ringing.

"Niall?" She spoke.

"It's Janelle.."

"Oh." She sounded worried.

"I'm really sorry for last night. You have no idea how shocked I was when Niall told me all the horrible things I said." I told her. "I really hope you can forgive and we can start over.."

"I forgive you. I understand. You were drunk. Shit happens. Totally understandable." She said. I smiled.

"Thanks Demi, I'll catch you later. Bye!" I hung up. "Done."

"Girls are so easy." Niall laughed. "Now we have to go talk to the boys, Karina and Kimberly." He pulled me off the bed."

"My head." I groaned.

"No excuses!" He giggled. I groaned. "C'mon. They're on their way back here. When they get back be ready to go." I nodded.


We arrived at the boys house. We walked in and the boys were on the couch. I bit my lip and sat down next to Zayn.

"I'm sorry for what happened last night." I sighed.

"It's okay. We all had a little something to drink." Zayn confessed. I nodded and looked towards Louis and Harry.

"I'm sorry for getting in your business Niall." Karina frowned.

"Yeah me too." Kimberly said.

"Its okay." He smiled.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you Karina." Louis half smiled. She smiled. 

"It's okay."

"And I'm sorry for telling you to shut up." Harry said.

"It's okay." She smiled.

"It was really my fault for all of this. So I'm sorry to all of you." Liam cleared his through. We all giggled.

"Liam you're adorable." I smiled. He giggled.

"So we're all good?" Zayn asked. We all nodded.

"Guess so." Niall smiled. 

"By the way, Perrie apologizes as well to you Niall." Zayn told him.

"It's alright, I deserved it." Niall shrugged. The feeling of wanting to go home flew out of my mind and crashed down into the ocean. I just wanted to spend the rest of the summer with my 2 best girlfriends and these 5 beautiful boys.

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