Janelle is going a glorious vacation in the United Kingdom. She wins VIP tickets to meet the boys and see them live, first row! She brings her two best friends along. Will the boys hate the girls? Find out in, Rapture!




Karina, Kimberly and I sat on the couch and watched the movie KIDS while we waited for Perrie to get out of the shower.

"This movie is intense." Kimberly covered her eyes. I laughed a bit.

"But... it's so real." I shrugged.

"Very real." Karina giggled a bit.

"I'm never having sex with Harry again." Kimberly shook her head. Karina and I looked at eachother. We busted out laughing.

"You?! No sex?! With Harry?!" I laughed. Kimberly rolled her eyes and slapped my arm. "OW!' I frowned and rubbed the spot where she hit me.

"Harry is one out of five of the sex gods. Why would you not fuck him?!" Karina giggled. Kimberly laughed a bit.

"Oh god." Perrie walked in and laughed. "Yes. We're dating sex gods." Perrie winked at us. "So what are we watching?" She asked as she sat down in between Karina and I.

"We were watching KIDS but it finished." I told her.

"How about..oh! I love this movie!" Perrie smiled. I squinted and read Braveheart. I looked at Karina and Kimberly for approval. They both nodded.

"Sounds cool." I smiled. The movie came on. My phone started buzzing. It was my mom. I groaned. I got up and walked into our room. I layed down on my bed and answered. "Hey ma." I answered.

"Hey baby. I feel like I haven't heard your voice in forever." She laughed. I smiled.

"I miss you." I cleared my throat.

"I miss you too. It's so quiet around the house. You're never here screaming with Karina and Kimberly over the boys. I mean... Now you don't have too." She giggled.

"Mom!" I yelled and laughed. 

"So how are you guys? Is he really nice?" She asked me.

"He's a great guy mom." I bit my lip.

"Are you sure? I saw these.. pictures. You were throwing a drink on him." She sounded SUPER concerned.

"It was nothing. I was drunk. It was a silly argument."

"Janelle! You are 16 years old. How the hell did you even get a drink?!" She screamed into the phone.

"The boys... uhm... they buy it for us.." I confessed. She sighed.

"Just... be careful."

"I am mom."

"What are you doing tonight? Isn't it like 1 over there?" She asked.

"Yeah well, Karina, Kimberly, Perrie and I are watching Braveheart. We're having a sleepover."

"OH! I'm sorry hun. Text me tomorrow! Love you!" 

"Love you too, mwah!" I hung up and ran back into the living room. The girls were asleep. I frowned and threw a pillow at Karina and Kimberly. Karina didn't even move. Kimberly just groaned. I laughed. "Sleep here then bitches." I ran back to my room and layed down on my bed. My phone buzzed. God my mom was so clingy. I picked up my phone and read Liam's name. I smiled and slide my finger across the screen.

You up? :\

Yeah, why? I texted back.

I can't sleep. 

The girls fell asleep while I was talking to my mom on the phone. How was your day? :) xx

Good, yours?


Why fine? Paul told us you guys got mobbed.

Yeah that and... PMS.


Lol, shut up. Jerk :P

I miss you ... xx I slid my thumb back and forth against my screen. I felt myself smiling. I bit my lip. I closed my eyes forgetting to text Liam back. I felt Liam press his lips against mine in my dream. Half of me wishes... it wasn't a dream.


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