Janelle is going a glorious vacation in the United Kingdom. She wins VIP tickets to meet the boys and see them live, first row! She brings her two best friends along. Will the boys hate the girls? Find out in, Rapture!



GUYS, I'VE BEEN FANGIRLING THE WHOLE DAY. TAKE ME HOME IS BEAUTIFUL. I JUST CAN'T WITH THESE BOYS ANYMORE. THEY'RE PERFECT!! I CRIED FOR LIKE HOURS AFTER I BOUGHT IT. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS PERFECT. BTW, I really want to know what you guys think about the story and tell me anything you think I should work on! Kik me at g0lf_waang or DM me on Twitter @GuzmanJanelle ! Love you.. xx


***Janelle's POV***

The smell of bacon filled my nostrils. My eyes opened. I hopped out of bed and threw on my pajama pants.

"I'M COMING!" I screamed. I heard Karina and Kimberly laugh. They know my favorite thing for breakfast is bacon. "Gosh, I love you guys." I hugged them. "What time did you get in last night Karina?"

"I just got here about half an hour ago." She smiled.

"GUYS, DETAILS!!" I smiled and jumped up and down. Kimberly flipped the bacon.

"Harry asked me at the beach. It was adorable. These fans came up to us and they were being bitches and calling him pathetic because he was on a date with me. He defended me. I just.. He's perfect." She smiled at the floor. She got really red.

"AWW!" Me and Karina screamed.

"Thats beautiful! Well... Louis introduced me to the groom yesterday. His name was Stan. So he introduced me as his girlfriend. When we sat down, He told me that he has just remembered that I wasn't his girlfriend. My heart kind of sank. Then he said, 'But I'd like you to be.' and everything just felt so perfect. His smile made my heart race. When we kissed that time it was like HOLY SHIT YOU'RE LOUIS TOMLINSON'S GIRLFRIEND!" Karina smiled and bit her lip. Kimberly placed the bacon into a plate and served me and Karina. We sat down at the table. I poured a little syrup over my bacon. Kimberly and Karina grimaced at me. I giggled. "YOUR TURN!"

"Well, we got into an argument. I went on a date with Liam. I didn't think it would be as serious as it got. Liam kissed me and well.. I guess there was paps. Niall saw the picture moments after and called me. We got into a huge fight. I told Liam that Niall was the guy for me. So Liam dropped me off at the boys flat and well... I went into Niall's room and just cuddled with him. I told him I was sorry and stuff. He asked me to be his girlfriend and obviously I said yes." I bit into my bacon. "Mmm, Kimberly this is so good." Karina and Kimberly laughed. Our phones buzzed. I picked up my phone.

"Hey babe, whats up?"

"We have a show today... we want you guys to come." Niall told me.

"Okay, what time should we be ready?" I asked him.

"Around 1. We have to do sound check and then get ready." 

"Okay, do we go in Directioner gear?" I asked him.

"No, we're pulling you guys on stage. Wear something that's kind of casual but dressy at the same time." He said. I choked on my bacon. He giggled. "Are you okay?"

"PULLING US ON STAGE?! Niall are you crazy?!" I yelled into the phone.

"Oh babe, please. Don't worry. Just be ready by 1:30."

"Okay I'll talk to you later sexy." I hung up the phone. We all stood quiet.

"I'm nervous." Karina broke the silence.

"Me too." Kimberly frowned.

"What if the fans really ... hate us?" I bit my lip.

"We just have to hope for the best." Karina looked up at me. I nodded. I finished my bacon. I looked at my phone. It was 9:30.

"Want to go buy an outfit?" I asked the girls.

"Yes!!" Kimberly jumped up.

"Alright be down in 10!" I ran up stairs.


We just arrived to the mall.

"YOU GUYS... YOU ARE DATING HARRY, LOUIS AND NIALL RIGHT?!" A teenage girl asked us. She was about 15. We nodded.

"You guys are beautiful and SO lucky. Can I get my picture with you?!" She begged.

"Of course!" I smiled. She stood in the middle of us.

"Okay 1... 2...3." The older lady took the picture of us.

"Hey tweet this to me." Kimberly gave her out twitters. She followed us and we followed back.

"Thank you so much! Are you girls going to be at the concert tonight?" She smiled.

"Yes hun, are you?" I asked her.

"Yes! I'll see you guys there! Bye!" She ran out the mall with her mother, I assumed.

"Wow.." Karina giggled. "We're cool." She smirked.

"H AND M PLEASE." I ran towards the door of H&M. The girls nodded and I ran in. A huge poster of Lana Del Rey hung in the middle of H&M. "Take a picture of this." I kneeled down and acted as if I was worshiping her. They snapped a picture of me.

"You're retarded." Kimberly laughed.

"Shut up whore." I laughed. A beautiful leather high-waisted skirt caught my eye. I ran towards them. "Oh."

"My." Karina added.

"God." Kimberly giggled.

"I need them!" I laughed.

"You would look so sexy in those. Especially for tonight!" Karina jumped up and down. I picked up my size. 


When we got to the house we went straight to getting ready. I showered and washed my hair quickly. I brushed my teeth again to make sure my teeth were extra white. I blow dried my hair. I ran out the bathroom and started working on my make up. I made a smokey eye but not with a very dark color. I added eye liner with wings at the corners of my eyes. I put on a cropped light pink button down and my leather skirt. I tucked in the shirt at the edges. I put on my sheer black tights with hearts spreaded on them. I crimped my hair a little, but not so that it looked crimp. It looks like beach waves. I ran my fingers through my hair and flipped it around a few times so the waves loosened a bit. I put on a braided black bracelet with stars on it that my mother gave to me for my 14th birthday. I put on my gold spiked earrings and my black oxford booties.

"C'mon girlies!" I waved them over to the door. "The boys are downstairs!" We ran out the room and took the elevator down to the lobby. The boys were in a big limo. We got in.

"Hey girls!" Louis smiled at us. I kissed all the boys on the cheek. I sat down next to Niall and kissed him. 

"You look beautiful." He whispered to me.

"Thanks babe." I smiled. I went through my Twitter. I found the girl we took a picture with today. I showed Niall.

"That's so cute. You guys are so sweet." He smiled. I saved the picture to my phone and made it my Twitter picture. 


Karina, Kimberly and I had to carry seats to the space between the stage and the first row. We sat down on the seats and faced the stage. It got so packed to quickly. I saw some girls crying. It was amazing.

"That was us 3 weeks ago." I giggled. A countdown came on the big screen behind the stage. We started counting out loud as a crowd.

"10... 9... 8...7...6....5...4...3...2....1" We all screamed. The lights went off and the girls started screaming like crazy. The introduction to, Live While We're Young came on. I clapped and screamed along with the girls. So did Kimberly and Karina. The boys came out and walked towards the edge. Liam started singing. I sang along with him. He smiled down at me Kimberly, Karina and I. A girl from behind us poked me.

"How did you guys get those seats?" She asked me.

"You'll see." Kimberly told her.


"Before we go tonight.." Harry spoke into the microphone.

"We'd love for you to meet.." Louis said.

"Our girlfriends!" Niall smiled. Karina, Kimberly and I stood up and walked on stage. We waved at all the fans. The boys gave us the mics.

"Hi! I'm Janelle! Niall's girlfriend!" I spoke into the mic.

"I'm Karina! Louis' girlfriend!"

"I'm Kimberly! Harry's girlfriend!" We all waved and smiled.

"Girls... we were fans just like you guys are. We still are! Karina, Kimberly and I are huge directioners! Look where we are now! Never give up guys!" I blew kisses to the girls.

"Unfortunately... we have to go." Liam frowned. The crowed booed. I took a picture of the people in the arena. 

"Doncaster, we've enjoyed being here ofcourse! We'll see you all very soon!" Louis waved. We walked back stage. 

"Sleepover?" Niall asked us. 

"I'm up for it, you guys?" Kimberly asked us.

"Sure." I smiled.

"Of course!" Karina smiled. We left the arena and took the limo to the boys flat. When we got there, we changed into pajamas. I washed my face and brushed my teeth again. We went downstairs. 3 sleeping bags were on the floor.

"You guys can sleep together in the sleeping bags. Zayn and I are gonna sleep on the couch." Liam told me.

"Ok." I nodded.

"Is this awkward for you?" He asked me. I looked up at him and shrugged. "I'm sorry." Niall walked in. He wrapped his arm around me and hugged me. He got into the sleeping bag and pulled me next to him. I zipped it up. The rest of the crew joined us. I couldn't stop thinking about Liam. I felt bad because.. I just feel like he's hurt. We rented movies and joked around for the night. Around 4 in the morning, I realized Liam and I were the only ones still up. I looked around and noticed Karina was on top of Louis. I giggled and looked at Harry and Kimberly. They were cuddled up. I noticed Harry had a smile on his lips. I smiled too. I smiled at Liam. 

"Night." I told him.


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