Janelle is going a glorious vacation in the United Kingdom. She wins VIP tickets to meet the boys and see them live, first row! She brings her two best friends along. Will the boys hate the girls? Find out in, Rapture!


4. May 22nd.. the best day of my life.

***Janelle's POV***

My eyes widened. I looked at my phone. May 22nd. 

"WE'RE GOING TO FUCKING SEE ONE DIRECTION!" I jumped up from my bed and screamed. 

"I KNOW!" Kimberly ran out the bathroom.

"WE'RE SO LUCKY!!" Karina screamed. I jumped up and down with them. I plugged my phone into the speaker and put on the song Live While We're Young. We started dancing and singing. My phone buzzed. Niall texted me. See you soon.. xx. I read. I smiled. I threw my phone back down on the bed. The concert was at 6. It was 2.

"Let's start getting ready ok." I put my music back on. I ran to the shower and scrubbed my hair clean. I brushed my teeth until they were as white as paper! This is going to be the perfect night. I put on my sexy cheetah bra and lace undies. I put on my One Direction shorts that I made and a One Direction shirt I bought that had the boys on it. They were shirtless. I mean... I'm already friends with the boys, but I've never been to a concert! I can't wait oh my gosh!! I put on my rubber One Direction bracelets and silver One Direction charm bracelet. I put on my silver One Direction necklace as well. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=62699194) I straightened my hair and pulled it into a high pony tail. I put on a little bit of eyeliner and mascara. I put on my red One Direction vans. "Ready!" I smiled at the girls.

"Lets go!" Karina jumped up and headed for the hotel. I grabbed my bag and put the tickets in the pocket inside my bag. We got into a cab and told the man the address of the venue. I was kind of nervous. Front row seats. For One Direction. The cab stopped. I looked at my phone. It was 5. We still had an hour. We walked in and gave the men outside our tickets. They checked our pockets and bags and let us through.

"This is going to be... amazing." Kimberly started to tear.

"I know." I wiped the tear from her cheek. "This is going to be a moment in life we are never going to forget." I hugged Karina and Kimberly. We found our way to the seats on the tickets. When they said front row... they meant front row. We were 3 feet away from the stage. Oh god this is going to be perfect. I waited anxiously in my seat. Josh came out on the stage. I jumped up. 

"JOSH!!!" The whole crowd screamed. He smiled and waved at us. Karina, Kimberly and I jumped out of our seats.

"JOSH!!" I screamed. 

"WE LOVE YOU!" Karina and Kimberly screamed. He laughed a bit and walked towards us. 

"You guys got good seats I see." He smiled at me.

"We won them, can we take a picture with you?" I asked him.

"Of course love." He waved us over. We walked closer to the stage and he grabbed my phone. He put it on front cam and took a picture of us in back of him. He made a silly face.

"Thanks so much Josh!" Karina waved at him.

"Yeah thanks! We love you!" Kimberly told him.

"I love you too!" He waved. We sat back down.

"We just.. we just got a picture with Josh fucking Devine!" I fangirled. All a sudden the boys came running out.

"HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING TONIGHT?!" Harry yelled into the mic. My heart just sank. Niall smiled at me. I bit my lip and waved a little.

"I saw that!" Kimberly punched me softly on the arm.

"SHUT UP!" I snapped at her and laughed.


"Do you ladies have your passes?" Paul asked us.

"Yes sir!" I answered him. Kimberly and Karina giggled. I gave him our passes. 

"Go ahead, the boys are waiting for you on the couch." Paul smiled at us.

"Thanks Paul! We love you!" We told him and walked onto the bus. There was a huge banner that said Happy Belated Birthday Kimberly and Janelle!! "Thanks so much guys!" I jumped up and down. I ran towards them and they hugged me. I waved Karina and Kimberly over. We did a big group hug. "So this is Kimberly..." I squeezed her cheeks together. "And this is Karina." I patted Karina's head.

"Nice to meet you girls." Liam smiled at them. 

"I hope you girls don't mind..." Zayn walked in with Louis and Niall. Niall had a cake in his hands. 

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Kimberly and Janelle! Happy birthday to you!" The boys and Karina sang.

"Blow them out!" Louis shouted. I entwined my fingers with Kimberly's and blew out our candles. Harry and Louis slapped us in the face with a pile of frosting.

"HARRY!" I screamed.

"LOUIS!" Kimberly screamed. Niall fell over and started cracking up. I grabbed a chuck of cake and threw it at him. Everyone stood quiet.

"CAKE FIGHT!" Zayn broke the silence.  Next thing you know, cake was literally flying. EVERYWHERE. I hid behind the couch. Niall came around and hid with me.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Niall whispered.

"Yeah." I bit my lip and smiled.

"Good." He pulled a strip of icing from my hair. He flashed his tropical sea blue eyes at me. My insides just burned. "You have really pretty eyes." I giggled.

"Thanks." I smiled at him.

"No problem."

"INCOMING!" Louis screamed. I covered my face. Niall pulled my hands away from my face allowing Louis to slap me with more cake.

"NIALL HORAN! YOU'RE GONNA GET IT!" I grabbed some cake and shoved it in his face and hair. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He spun me around. "NIALL STOP! I'M GONNA BE DIZZY!" I heard Kimberly and Karina laughing in the backround. He put me down. Everything was spinning. I sat down and covered my eyes until  I felt okay. "Jerk." I frowned.

"I've never had to much cake all over my body." Kimberly laughed.

"Try getting your face shoved into a cake." Harry laughed. "Thanks to Louis!" Louis laughed.

"That was awesome!" Louis giggled. 

"Well, since we ran out of cake... and we have no extra clothes... I guess we should get going." I frowned.

"AWW!" The boys frowned. 

"Can we see you soon?" Harry asked.

"Of course, just text us." Kimberly said. We all exchanged numbers.

"So.. we'll text you girls tomorrow." Harry smiled. We hugged the boys. Paul drove us home. We showered and went straight to bed. We couldn't wait for tomorrow to come.

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