Janelle is going a glorious vacation in the United Kingdom. She wins VIP tickets to meet the boys and see them live, first row! She brings her two best friends along. Will the boys hate the girls? Find out in, Rapture!


12. Breaking Dawn.

***Kimberly's POV***

I opened my eyes slowly. I unzipped the sleeping bag. Harry groaned and pulled me towards him.

"Don't leave me..." He groaned. I giggled and kissed his cheek.

"Good morning sunshine." I snuggled up with him in the sleeping bag. He kissed my shoulder. Everyone else was sleeping except Liam. He was watching TV and eating cereal. I smiled at Liam. "Good morning."

"Morning love." He half smiled. I turned towards Harry who was playing with my hair. I pinched his cheeks. He wiggled his eyebrows. I laughed and wiggled mine as well. He smiled and pinched my cheeks together. He started to crack up.

"You look like a chipmunk!" He laughed. I pinched his together as well. I giggled.

"You do too." He kissed me quickly and slid his hand down my belly. My mouth made an "o" shape. "Don't you dare." I told him. He smirked.

"I'll get you later. Don't worry." He winked at me. I punched his arm softly. I heard the crunches from Liam eating his cereal.

"What is that?" I asked him.

"Cocoa puffs." He said with a mouth full of cereal. I giggled.

"I'm gonna go get some." I told Harry. I got up and ran towards the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl and poured in some Cocoa Puffs. I grabbed the milk and poured some in. I picked up a spoon and walked into the living room. I sat in the corner besides Liam and munched down on my cereal. Janelle stretched her arms over her head. She groaned.

"What time is it?" She croaked.

"About 11:30." Liam answered. She nodded and poked Niall. He turned over on his side and groaned.

"Not yet..." He said. Janelle laughed. I joined her. Liam got up and walked into the kitchen. Janelle crawled out the sleeping bag.

"Give me some." She demanded. I scooped up a spoonful of Cocoa Puffs and put it in her mouth.

"Mmm. I love Cocoa Puffs." She smiled. Harry sat up and went to the kitchen as well. I looked over at the other couch and realized Zayn was sleeping as well. I looked down to the floor. Niall, Louis and Karina were still sleeping. Liam sat next to Janelle. I clicked through the channels. I realized the episode of ICarly that the boys were on was on. Janelle and I started to crack up. "BUTTERSOCK!" She cracked up. Harry and Liam walked in. 

"You guys are horrible actors." I laughed a bit.

"I know." Harry facepalmed himself.

"It's okay, You're still sexy." I smiled. He laughed. 


"Hey.. did you guys tell the girls about the premiere for Breaking Dawn?" Liam asked Niall, Louis and Harry.

"Nope! Totally forgot." Louis frowned. "Do you want to be my date babe?" Louis smiled at Karina. She nodded.

"Of course." She smiled. Harry sat next to me.

"Can you be mine?" Harry kissed my cheek.

"Absolutely." I smiled and kissed him. I looked over at Niall. Then at Janelle. He looked down at his feet.

"I asked Demi to be my date." Niall confessed. Janelle looked over at me. She bit her lip. It got really awkward. Janelle got up and walked towards the kitchen. Karina and I followed her.

"Janelle don't worry. It was probably before he met you." Karina told her.

"Yeah exactly." I put my hand on her shoulder.

"I know but... I can't compete with Demi. Demi is... shes fucking Demi Lovato." She bit her lip. "Demi's all beautiful and shit and I'm just here looking like a fucking rat in the subway station."

"You look nothing like that. I've seen those rats." Niall walked in. Janelle sighed.

"I'll just stay home when you guys go. It's okay." I told them.

"Don't be silly. You can be my date... If you want Janelle." Liam smiled. I saw Niall get a little tense as if he was uncomfortable with that. Janelle shook her head.

"I'll stay home. If we go together Liam that's just going to start rumors." 

"We'll just tell them that we're just friends." Liam told her.

"No, shes right." Niall said.

"Maybe I'll just go with Liam." Janelle shrugged.

"You sure?" Niall asked her. She nodded. He shrugged and walked out the kitchen. I punched Janelle on the arm.

"Why would you do that?" I asked her.

"That's what he deserves for not telling me in the first place!" She told me. I nodded.


"So... when is this whole premiere thing?" Janelle walked into the living room. Karina and I followed her out.

"Tomorrow night." Zayn answered.

"Are you bringing Perrie?" Karina asked him. He nodded.

"Yeah, I hope you girls love her. She's so amazing." He smiled. He blushed a little.

"AWW, Zayn's in love." I teased him. He laughed.


Janelle, Karina and I walked into the dress store at the mall. We walked over to the long dresses. I spotted a perfect dress. It had a navy blue bust with a beautiful print around it and a cream bottom. I picked it up and tried it on. When I came out Janelle and Karina smiled.

"Perfect!" Karina clapped.

"You look stunning." Janelle smiled.

"Should I get it?" I asked them.

"YES!" They both answered. I laughed.

"Premiere here we come!" Karina smiled.

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