The Little Things

Avalene struggles to keep her cool when hiding a big secret.


1. Tearing me apart cause you don't see

I woke up today uncomfortably with my face planted in my pillow. I struggled to lift my head up, it seamed I forgot how to move my body. I could feel the sun through my window, it was warm and I could tell it was actually gonna be a nice day in London. I was running low on oxygen and forced my body to remember how to move. I jolted and got up to where I was sitting down on my bed. I could feel smeared makeup upon my face, and the thick greasy tangles in my hair. I stood up, my feet felt achy and sore still upon the carpet. I stretched out my arms in front and above me, letting out a long yawn. The white walls of my room were gleaming making my eyes squint. Waking up to light in your eyes is absolutely terrible. Walking over to the mirror I noticed I must've got drunk at the costume party to because I Definitely had a hangover. I sneered at my ugly face In the mirror. I reached my hand to my desk besides the mirror and grabbed my brush. I brushed through the tangles. Yanking my head with every time I brushed through the tangles. Honestly, it didn't hurt because pain doesn't affect me. I taught myself to get use to pain by cutting when my dad took his life 11 months ago. I didn't ever cut really deep, just to the point it exposed pain, so I could just get use to it. Of course the pain of the hangover and my feet aching was actually affecting me this morning. I snapped back to reality from my wandering mind once my loud alarm clock buzzed obnoxious beeping. I woke up before my alarm came on? That's a REALLY rare occasion for me. I dragged my body over to the alarm clock next to my bed with all the energy I had to shut the damn thing off. I groaned at the noise ringing in my ears even after it was shut off. It was 7:48, I figured I should go get a shower. I walked in the bathroom stepping the on the cold tile. It felt good and bad on my feet, the cold felt amazing but the hard surface of the tile made me wanna die. I reached into the shower to turn it on. I put my hand in the running water to make sure it was warm enough. I then took my hand out and shook it too get the water off. I stripped off my clothing and went into the shower. The hot water felt so amazing on my sore muscles, I stood under the water for a while before grabbing the shampoo and rubbing it into my hair. I stepped out of the area the water was directly spraying in and into the other side of my shower where steam was rising so I could smear in all the shampoo without the water immediately washing it off. I played with it while letting it soak in. I spiked up my hair to pretend like I looked like Patrick from spongebob. I did silly things sometimes, you could say. I laughed at my immaturity and stepped back in the direction the water was pouring in to rinse the shampoo out. My shampoo smelt like strawberries, I love smelling like fruit rather than a strong fragrances. I swirled my hands through my dark brown hair too get the shampoo out. I started singing Taken, a song by my brothers band, I loved that song, it explained most of my relationships... "You don't really want my heart, you just like to know you cann," somebody joined. I looked out of the shower curtain and Zayn was brushing his hair into a quiff. Zayn was one of my brothers friends in his band. "Zayn!" I laughed at him. "What?" He asked, "Get out!" I laughed and yelled at him at the same time. "And what if I don't?" He smirked while still looking at his reflection. "This," I grabbed the shower head and sprayed it out of the curtain at him getting him all wet. "Hey!" He laughed, "sorry, it was a accident..." I said. He made this weird face where he did the duck lips and raised one eyebrow exposing a 'really' type of expression while stepping out of the bathroom and shutting the door behind him. I finished my 'cleansing routine' and stepped out of the shower. I already felt better than I did when I woke up. I went to the bathroom mirror and rubbed off steam with my hand going in circular motions showing me my reflection. I opened the bathroom cabinet that the mirror is on top of to get yet another hair brush. We had allot in the pent house because the boys cared allot about their hair, and I mean ALLOT! I re-brushed my hair, and then did the same to my teeth. It felt amazing to be clean! I walked back out into to my room. I dried off my body with my towel and wrapped it then over my head. Opening my closet door I grabbed a pair of undies, my matching Victoria secrets bra, some jeans, and a beige off-the-shoulder knit sweater. I must be gaining wait because it took a little extra effort to pull on my jeans, then again my arms are really sore today. I adjusted my outfit and pulled the towel of my head. My hair wasn't fully dried so I took a ponytail of my wrist and tied my hair into a messy bun. I bent down to pick the towel up and exposed pain in my sides to, god this was starting to annoy me. I grabbed the towel and shot it perfectly into the hamper. "Nice shot!",my older brother Niall said as he walked in with two cups of tea. "Thanks," I said while accepting the tea he handed to me and sipping it afterwards. "Are you hungover?" He asked. I hesitated because I know he didn't like me drinking to much even though I was eighteen. "Never mind, you want breakfast? Liam made some this morning," he asked ignoring my uncomfortable expression from his last question about the hangover. "Sure," I said awkwardly and followed him towards the hallway outside of my room. "Get some socks on first, the floors are cold and I don't want you getting another cold," he said. I giggled "okay," I said while walking back into my room. After setting my tea that Niall gave me on my dresser I reached in my drawer and grabbed a pair of beige fuzzy socks. I love fuzzy socks to slide around on the floor with! I put them on and stood up. I then grabbed my tea and walked carefully down the wooden stairs trying not to fall down them with my slippery socks. Louis laughed at me from the kitchen watching me trying to get down the stairs with tea and slippery socks. The other boys joined in, I just giggled a little trying not to embarrass my self in front of Harry. When I made it down Louis and Harry tackled me, it felt like they cracked my bones in half. "Ow!" I laughed and groaned. They sat up and laughed. "Boys you need to be careful with Avalene!" Niall said walking over to me and putting his hand out to help me up like the good big brother he is. As soon as Niall finished helping me up he was on the ground because Louis and Harry now tackled him. The room was filled with laughter, caused by Louis and Harry's funny immaturity. "Will you ever forgive us Nialler?" They teased in puppy dog voiced before kissing him on the cheek. "Ew, get off!" He laughed and sat up. Aw, Harry was so cute when he laughed. Everyone was laughing now except for Liam. He was just sitting in front of the stove flipping crapes. I walked over and poked Zayn who was sitting in the chair and interrupting his laughing. "What?" He laughed. I pointed at Liam. "Oh uhm, come over there with me?" He said and grabbed my hand to walk to the other side of the stair case. "So what's wrong with him?" I asked, "well, uhm, him and Danielle split last night at the costume party because he walked in on her making out with Harry.." He said awkwardly while leaning his head and scratching his neck. I gasped, "I wouldn't ever think Harry would do that to Liam.." I whispered, really thinking Harry likes Danielle more than he would ever like me because he has never pulled a move on me. "Harry was drunk, he didn't know what he was doing, Danielle wasn't drunk and knew what she was doing..." He said making me happier that Harry wasn't currently crushing, but stilled bummed about Liam. "Oh, ok." I said awkwardly. Yesterday was August 30th, Liam's birthday. Why would Danielle cheat on him at his own party, I thought to myself. Me and Zayn walked back into the kitchen, the boys were no longer on the floor. Everyone was at the table just eating and socializing, besides Liam. He was just starring at his crepe and playing around with the blueberries on top of it. I pulled up a chair by Liam instead of my usual placement by Harry. "Morning Liam!" I smiled and hugged his waist tightly. I was close to all the boys so this wasn't that awkward as it seams. He put his arm on my back as I hugged him and rubbed it up and down, trying to ensure he was fine. When we let go from our awkward hug I started eating my crepe. I had the same stomach as Niall so I 'scarfed' down my food. Liam was only half finished with his crepe by the time everyone else was done. I picked up the other boys dishes while Liam struggled to finish. I started to pack them into the dish water and I heard a sniffle. I turned around and Liam's head was in his palms. I walked behind his chair and hugged him again. "It's alright Liam," I said trying to comfort him. I felt like a mother dealing with her sons first Heart brake or something even though I'm younger than Liam. I felt about three tears on my wrist while my arms were wrapped around his waist and the back of his chair. He smelt of a nice cologne, I love how he always smelt nice. he looked up at me, his eyes red and filled with a mixture of pain and tears. "It's okay Liam, it's alright," I said, while he used what seemed like all his energy just to fake smile. I let go of his waist and turned his chair towards the one I was sitting in at breakfast. I then sat down in my chair and held his hands and looked him in the eyes. "Liam I know it's hard, and it's not gonna be easy for a while but your gonna have to try..." I said trying to comfort him. He put his head down and sniffles again. "Liam, any girl would be lucky to have you, that's her fault!" I said, after giving his hands a jolt to look up at me. "You really think so?" He said. "I know so," I smiled and then realized how cliche' I sounded. He smiled "thanks for being there for me," he smiled. "No problem," I smiled back an got up, releasing our hand to get him a tissue. "Here," I said and handed to him. He finished drying his eyes. "Thanks".
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