The Little Things

Avalene struggles to keep her cool when hiding a big secret.


4. It was a good day :)

Today was really fun. As soon as I got home I took a long shower, it took so long getting that stupid paint off! Now me and Liam were sitting in my room eating rice crispy treats and looking through magazines. I was actually starting to like him. "Check this out," Liam said, "it's supposed that Avalene Horan (Group member Niall Horan's sister) is dating teen sensation Harry Edward Styles, that's funny right Ava," he said. I was too busy thinking about actually dating Harry, oh my god. "Ava?" Liam said waving his hand over my face. "Haha, sorry Liam," I said while blushing. "It's alright babe," he smiled. Liam had on a pair of reading glasses, he really did look adorable. I came to a test, 'which One Direction member are you compatible with' its funny because the boys are nothing like the magazine described them to be. "Are you really about to take that?" Liam said laughing while biting into his rice crispy treat. "Why you wanna take it?" I joked. "Sure why not..." He said a I laughed. He stuck the whole rice crispy in his mouth so his hands were free to take the quiz. He grabbed my pen and started. He was so adorable, I guess it's good in falling for him considering the fact that he is my boyfriend now. The only bad thing was I had a crush on one of my boyfriends best friends (it sounds worse said than done). I'm talking about Harry if you didn't catch that. "Finished!" He said with the rice crisp treat halfway in his mouth causing him to make a muffled sound. "Who did you get?" I asked. He took the rice crispy treat out of his mouth. "Niam," he smiled. "Haha, of course you would," I laughed. He looked at me, "your so beautiful," he looked in my eyes, I wanted to kiss him but I turned my head an his lips hit my cheek. I know he was embarrassed but I've never kissed a guy. "I-I'm sorry Liam, it's just... I never have kissed a guy..." I said ashamed while looking down. Liam lifted my head up with his finger and kissed. I wasn't sure if I was even doing this right. He let go to giggle "just let me do the work babe." He continued. Was my tongue suppose to just sit in his mouth, what was he even meaning. He pulled away and laughed again, "it's no funny!" I said joining in with the laughter. "Let's try again, but this time just glide your tongue in sync with mine," he said which sounded really weird out loud. We tried again. "Your a really bad kisser," he said, my mouth dropped as I smiled. "I've learned from the best," I said back laughing at my insult. "Who, the back of your hand," he joked. "Liam, that's not funny!" Even though it was. We had a nice little chat before him and the rest of the boys left for a meeting with management. In the meanwhile I looked for food to snack on. I searched in the cabinets, nothing. It's actually likely to happen when living with for boys "fatty's" I giggled to my self. I decided to pop some popcorn. I wasn't even hungry, I couldn't tell if I wanted to sing, draw, Instagram, or sleep. The next thing I know I was sliding around the kitchen floor with fuzzy socks on my feet and a hairbrush in my hand as a microphone as I blasted the 'take me home' album. "So tell me boy if every time we to-ouch you get this kinda ru-ush," I sang along to my third favorite song on the album. My first was 'they don't know about us' and last first kiss, I would, you know what I loved all of there songs! it was awkward singing to little sings so I didn't. But then I was back to 'jamming'. Honestly they were so adorable in the music video, even my brother... Wait ew, did I just call my brother adorable? Gross he is NOT adorable at all. Niall is like every older brother, over protective, childish (when he throws his socks in my face). Sometimes he actually does piss me off even though he is so nice to me most of the time. Anyways I continued "hey I've been watching you all night, there something in your eyes saying so come on, come on and dance with me," I didn't even realize it till I turned around but the boys were standing there singing along. I probably didn't notice because there voices mixed perfectly with the tunes blasting from my radio. I raced to the radio and turned it off blushing wildly, "sorry," I said as I grabbed it and ran up the stairs . I shut my door behind me, so embarrassing. I blew a annoying piece of hair out of my face and then just sat there feeling awkward. I got up and checked my twitter notifications. Most of them just said 'I didn't know Niall had a sister!' Or 'ugly bitch, why are you dating my man' (probably of what they said about me and Harry in the magazine. I wish me and him were dating). I seemed to find more negative comments then positive. They hurt, but nothing really hurts me. I use to cut when I got emotional pain so I felt physical pain instead. I honestly preferred physical pain, it was just my way of dealing with heartbreak over when me and Niall's parents died. Yea, last year our parents got into a car crash, I remember not knowing what was going on as our grandma came over and sat us down to tell us. I remember just hugging my brother as I bit his shoulder and cried. Since that day I have lived with my brother. My grandma wanted me to stay with her but she lives in Dublin, and London was so pretty. Plus the boys lived I a pent house... And c'mon who wouldn't want to live with One Direction?!?!? I set down my laptop after replying to some tweets like 'ugly bitch, Harry should like me I'm waaaayy prettier' I would just put 'yea you are allot prettier, I'm super ugly... But yeah the Harry thing was just a rumor...' I got tweet backs on that too like 'oh I'm so sorry, I didn't know... Your actually really pretty' people were so ridiculous... I couldn't reply anything mean or I would be to worried someone would kill them selves. After my best friend in Dublin killed himself (on my birthday) it made me scared that he did it because of a comment, and it created me aware to the suicide world. Of course it wasn't my fault, but I lost my best friend. No, I'm sorry I can't think about this now. "Ava?" I heard a girls voice outside of my door. "It's Amy," she replied. Amy Green was our cousin, not Niall's girlfriend... Directioners created soooo many rumors. I closed my lap top and set it down on the bed so I could jump up to the door. "Hey!" I said and then hugged her. "How's grandma?" I asked. "Good, how's living with four hot guys?" She asked. As I giggled, I turned my head to see Harry's but on full view as he walked down the stairs. That child had issues with getting naked. "Really good," I laughed pointing as his but as he walked down the stairs more. "Ah, I see. Oh I saw that your dating Harry in a magazine." She said, "no actually, I'm dating Liam." I sighed "ooh, he is a cutie isn't he..." She joked, "yea..." I blushed. The jingle coming from her car keys in her hand was annoying me. "Oh did Niall tell you?" She asked. "Tell me what?" I asked. "I'm gonna be staying for a week, I need to live somewhere here this week, I've got a modeling job," she added. "Oh my gosh, good for you!!" I said even though I could care less. "Alrighty then, see ya girly, I've gotta go get some food!" She said and hugged me again. "Bye Amy, bring me back something?" I said shouting down the stairs. "Sure thing!" She said and left. I jumped on my bed to then be greeted by Harry's cat. I'm allergic to cats, but I couldn't help but petting her. She was so cute and I loved animals! "Hey Molly, aww your so cute," I said as I rubbed her head and she purred then I eventually fell asleep.
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