The Little Things

Avalene struggles to keep her cool when hiding a big secret.


2. I wish

Today I was just hanging in my room reading a book, "Evermost, by Alyson Noel" great book so far. I was laying on my bed and drinking tea along with it. I hear a knock at my door and looked up. "Who is it?" I asked. "It's Liam" I smiled. "Come in," I sat up and set my book down. The door opened and Liam walked in. "Hey," he said with his hands in his pockets. "What's up," I asked and patted my hand on the bed to gesture him to sit down. He took the seat and proceeded, "you know you really changed my mind today," he said. "What do you mean," I asked worryingly. "We'll if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here right now," he replied ashamed while rubbing his arm. I looked at him with all fear revealing, I hugged him into a tight embrace. He let go but his palms still rested on my shoulders "I wanna ask you something," he said. "Go right ahead," I encouraged with a sad expression from his recent comment. He gulped " will you go out with me?". Oh no, oh gosh no, no, no, I think I gave him the wrong intentions when I comforted him today, and I liked Harry, hugely ,but Liam could use some one in his life right now. Before giving enough time to think I opened my mouth and said yes. Liam smiled and hugged me. I let go from hug and smiled back at him. "Thanks for being there for me always Ava," he said while standing up and heading out the door. I know Niall would be mad if he found out we were dating, but I barley had the option. I wish I had more time...
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