The Little Things

Avalene struggles to keep her cool when hiding a big secret.


3. I see you with him

The whole week Liam talk to me as usual, as if I wasn't even his girlfriend. The situation almost made me realize why Danielle would cheat on him, she probably just got bored. Anyways the boys had something planned for the day an invited me, Niall hated me hanging out with his friends, all the more reason to do it. We were going paint balling, I probably was just gonna standing behind one of them the whole time to avoid getting hit. I grabbed a pair of neon blue volleyball shorts, a white tank, knee high socks, my old Nike tennis shoes, with a messy bun ,and a smidge of makeup. You probably are thinking I'm dressed like a 'slut' for paintball but I wore what I did so it would get splatter painted. I walked down stairs to see the boys in heavy gear, I guess my shirt wouldn't be getting splatter painted. "Here," Louis said and set a chest guard, knee pads, a helmet, and a chin guard in my hands making me feel un easy on my feet. "Let me help you with that," Harry said and smiled up cheekingly. I caught my balance as the gear was lifted from my arms, it seemed he had no problem holding it. He handed me each thing at once so I could put it on, it was awkward the boys just watch me as I put the gear over my clothes. "I'm sorry am I taking to long?" I said jumping in a knee pad, "no it's okay, it's not like its been ten minutes..." Zayn said before looking down at his watch and continuing, "oh wait, it has," he said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and smile as I hurried into the rest of the gear. "Finally," Louis joked. When we walked out the door Liam tried to grab for my hand, I pretended that I didn't notice because I didn't want Niall knowing I'm dating Liam. When we reached the car I got in the second back seat and Liam sat right next to me. This time when Liam reached for my hand I grasped his as well. I'm not gonna say I didn't enjoy because honestly I loved it. His hand was warm and fit perfectly with mine. I leaned my head on his shoulder and he kissed my forehead. "What's going on back there?" Niall asked from the passengers seat. Zayn (who was driving) looked in the rear view mirror. He giggled at me and I put my finger at my mouth to shush him. "I just kissed Louis that's all," Harry said to cover for me. "Oh okay, just making sure none of you are smooching on my sister.." Niall said causally. I got a text message from Harry, 'from; Hazza, you owe me;)'. I giggled at the message and replied 'thanks ;)'. "Who are you texting?" Liam asked while looking at me typing, "no one," I said while shrugging. He just laid his head on mine and shut his eyes. Once. We reached the arena I did exactly what I thought I would do I just hid behind Niall, he was my older bro so it probably didn't bother him. I felt a pain in my side. Someone had shot me in the open side of my chest guard. "Ow!!" I said while slightly giggling and holding back a tear. I mean it did hurt, but it was kinda funny. At one point I became the target when Niall left for the bathroom. The boys just laughed at me and then Liam came and picked me up with one arm by putting me over his shoulder and shooting the paintball gun at the other boys while running and laughing through the arena. "Put me down!" I laughed. Liam sat me down on the bleachers as we laughed the rest if the boys walked up covered in paint making the situation more funny. "So... Are you two dating?" Harry asked after the sound of laughter faded. "Erm," I didn't want to tell Harry because I liked him but I assumed he knew because he covered for us when Liam kissed my head in the car. "Yea," Liam said. Damn it, why did Liam have to say anything. Harry just looked at his phone. Did he like me? No there was no way. "Hey guys, don't tell Niall though, he would kill me if I dated one of his friends," I said not wanting my brother to find out. "Okay," the boys laughed a Harry just nodded and read tweets. "Hey guys, Paul just called me, paparazzi is headed towards the arena... We've gotta go." Niall said rushing out of the bathroom. We raced to the car, no sign of paparazzi yet, only a faint sound of screaming fans. Liam held my hand as we ran to the car, good thing my brother was in front if us not behind. When we got in the car I'm sure we got paint on the seats but I don't think it matters if there is a ambush of paparazzi and hormone crazed girls after them. We drove away before they reached the arena, thank god.
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