Back For You

Amelia had recently turned 16 and was being forced to move from her lifelong home. When she gets to her new home she meets Liam Payne, her neighbor. But when he becomes big and famous and leaves her in the dust she tries to forget him. Which is unsuccessful when he comes to visit and brings something (or someone) with him.


2. The X Factor

Over the next few weeks Liam and I hung out a lot and I really enjoyed his company. I learned that he was on X Factor when he was 14 and planned to go back this year. I haven't heard him sing yet, but I bet he's amazing.

"When can I hear you sing?" I whined while we were watching a movie at my house.

"Soon." He said simply while he casually put his arm around me. I blushed and we continued to watch the movie in that position.

As June came to a close, Liam and I got closer and I'm not going to lie I was starting to get feelings for him, which couldn't happen. I had made some other friends, but Liam was definitely the closest. Towards the middle of July Liam had started thinking about X Factor more and more and he was trying to decide what song he was going to sing. He had finally let me hear him sing after me begging and pleading. His voice was so amazing and soothing. July ended and as August went along Liam got more and more nervous. It was a week till the auditions and he still hadn't chosen a song, he had options, but he couldn't decide.

"Amelia! Help meee!" Liam whined as he started poking me.

"I'm trying!" I exclaimed. "Stop poking me!"

"Not until you help me!" Liam said poking her more.

"Okay, okay! I'll look at your list." She said glaring at him.

"Thank you!" He handed my his list and I read through it, but only one caught my eye. "I like Cry Me a River!" I said excitedly.

"Really? Is that the one?" He asked eagerly.

"Yes, yes it is!"

After he decided what song he was doing Liam never stopped singing Cry Me a River, but I didn't really mind. As the week went on I was getting excited for Liam. The day came when he had to leave and we all said our goodbyes and wished him good luck and such, but when it came time for me to say goodbye I gave him a hug. "I'm going to miss you while you're gone. I know you'll be gone for a while, because you will make it through. I know it." I said to him, teary eyed, but smiling nonetheless.

"I'm going to miss you, too." He said smiling sadly, he kissed my cheek and that's it, he was gone. I couldn't wait to hear how it went. I talked to Liam everyday through text, because he was always too busy to call. I'm guessing he got through, but he wouldn't tell me. I hate waiting for things and this isn't just a thing, this is life changing. By the time the seventh series of The X Factor had begun, I was losing patience and I was very eager to see what happened. I saw Liam on the TV and I squealed, Desmond hushed me and I sat there shaking with excitement. Liam walked on stage and he said a few words to the judges then I heard the first few notes of Cry Me A River. Liam started to sing and the crowd roared, I could her girls screaming and knew right away Liam was going to be in bootcamp. As I expected the judges all said yes. I jumped up and down excitedly and went to text Liam. I expected to keep in touch with Liam as he went along in bootcamp, but I hadn't talked to him in over a week and the live shows started soon. It was weird not to see him and talk to him everyday and I missed him more than anything. How could I let myself fall for him? I mean, we talked a couple times over the next few weeks, but when they got third on The X Factor and I didn't hear from him, I knew that with his new found fame, I wouldn't hear much from him for a while.

***Author's note

Sorry this chapter is short and kinda suckish, but it's just a filler, we promise the next will be better! Thanks for liking/favoriting/commenting!

- PitterPatter

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