Back For You

Amelia had recently turned 16 and was being forced to move from her lifelong home. When she gets to her new home she meets Liam Payne, her neighbor. But when he becomes big and famous and leaves her in the dust she tries to forget him. Which is unsuccessful when he comes to visit and brings something (or someone) with him.


4. Cupcakes

"Liam?" I gasped. "Hey." He smiled, oh god his smile. "It's so good to see you!" I forced a smile and hugged him. "It's good to see you too!" He said obviously happier than I was.

"What brings you to the Greenwald residence?" I asked pulling away from him. "To see you of course! And I'm in Wolverhampton with my band to visit my family." He explained. "Is it Alice?" I heard Penny ask as she and Desmond walked into the room still looking a bit rumpled. "Liam?" Desmond asked shooting a glace towards me. "Hey, Penny, Desmond." He hugged Penny and shook Desmond's hand. "How have you been, pop star?" Penny teased.

"Pretty good, I could go without the screaming girls though." We all laughed. "I bet." I said laughing lightly. I looked at Penny desperately. "Liam, come, sit down." She said guiding him to the living room.

"Are you okay, Millie?" Desmond asked touching my shoulder gently. "Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" I started towards the living room but Desmond grabbed my elbow. "Maybe because you were freaking out about seeing him earlier." He narrowed his eyes at me, knowing that I would crack. "Okay, fine! I am beyond freaking out!" I raised my voice slightly.

"It's fine, Millie. You don't even have to see him again if you don't want to." Desmond gave me a hug and left to join Liam and Penny. The doorbell rang and I ran to get it. I opened the door relieved to see Alice. She had dark brown naturally curly hair and electric blue eyes, she was the same age as me but a couple inches shorter. I told her what was going on and we both went into the living room with smiles on.

The rest of his visit wasn't very interesting it pretty much consisted of him talking about the boys and how great they are and how I would really like them blah blah blah. Penny and Des decided to let me walk him to his car alone. Since Liam couldn't drive yet he had, what I'm guessing to be one of his bandmates, pick him up. When we got to the end of the sidewalk he turned to me and said, "It was great to see you again, Amelia." He kissed my cheek and smiled at me. "Yeah, it certainly has been a while." I said looking at my hands.

"I better get going. See you around." He got into the car and waved before he and whoever that was drove off. I walked back into the house and didn't see Penny, Alice and Desmond in the living room so I checked the kitchen and saw them making what looked to be cupcakes. "Why are you making cupcakes?" I raised my eyebrow. "You love cupcakes and we figured the thing with Liam stressed you out so yeah." Alice said smiling.

"Thanks guys. You're the best." They all came towards me and hugged me squishing me in between them. "I-I ca-an't breathe!" I managed to get out and they chuckled and let go. We continued to make the cupcakes and when we put them in the oven my parents walked in looking extremely tired. "Hey Mum. Hey Dad." I said and they just nodded and went upstairs.

We took the cupcakes out 20 minutes later and sat in the living room and ate them. "I better get to sleep." Desmond said standing up. "Goodnight girls." But he only looked at Penny. When I heard his door close I turned to Penny and looked at her with raised eyebrows. "What?" She asked innocently. "Spill." I said. "Spill what?" She played dumb. "Oh come on I wasn't even here the whole time you were and I saw you undressing Desmond mentally." Alice said bluntly.

"Gross! Did you have to have the undressing part? He's my brother!" I hit her arm. "Okay, you won't be mad, Amelia?" She looked at me worriedly. "Not if you tell me now." I smirked. "Okay well, Desmond and I might have accidentally kissed." She blushed. "Well no duh, but are you going to date?" Alice asked excitedly. "I doubt it. It was an accident." She said sounding a bit disappointed.

"Let me rephrase that. Do you want to date?" Alice looked at Penny expectantly. Penny hesitated but nodded, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Alice and I squealed. "You'd be so cute together!" I said clapping my hands together excitedly.

"Tell him that." She said quietly. "Penelope Fitch! My brother is completely smitten with you and has been for, like, a year!" I grabbed her shoulders and shook her with every word I spoke.

"I highly doubt that, Lia." She said using the nickname she gave me when we first became friends. "Excuse me, I think I know my own brother. Plus you both participated in that kiss." I looked at her triumphantly. "That was an-" She stared but Alice cut her off, "You can't kiss someone accidentally, you numpty!"

Penny looked down at her hands and mumbled something. "Anyway this is a sleepover! We need footie pyjamas and romantic movies!" We went up to my room and Alice and I got into our footie pyjamas and I lent Penny a pair. I had a fairly big room with a TV so we piled some blankets on my floor and argued over what movie we were going to watch but we settled on Love Actually. We didn't mention the Penny/Desmond situation again that night but don't think we were done talking about it.

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