Forgive Or Forget.?

It has been 2 years since Abigail has seen her family.
2 years ago she found out she was pregant with the one and only Harry Styles child.
She got kicked out and moved London.
What happeneds when 2 years later she goes to see her family for christmas and Harry turns up.
*First Fanfic not hate please*


9. Chapter 6- Telling The Boys But Harry

Harrys POV-


Abigail has a daughter since when? She still looks as beautiful as she did 2 years ago.

‘Carter why do you think Abigail wants us to go?’ I asked Carter.

‘I don’t think she likes you boys as much as every other teenager does’ he told me and I nodded.

I think there’s something behind it all. I know her, she wouldn’t be that mean if she didn’t like someone. I’m going to find out what is it. I need my Abigail back and I’m going to get her back.


Abigail’s POV-


I’m going to tell the other boys about Olivia being Harry’s daughter.

I have been awake since 4 because Olivia was have a nightmare and I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I got up and went into the kitchen to get a drink. FUCK! Harrys in there. I turn around but not quick enough because Harry saw me and said

‘Abigail’ I just stood there.

‘What?’ I snapped at him.

‘Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed’ He said.

‘No I just woke up and saw that my worst dream did come true’ I told him.

‘So I went from being you best dream to you worse? How did that happen?’ He asked me.

‘Yes and it has been 2 years Harold’ I told him and then walked of.

This is going to be harder than I thought it was going to be to tell the boys.




Carters POV-


‘Carter?’ Abigail asked me.

‘What?’ I answered her.

“They boys will stay and so will I but you need to do something for me to be able to stay’ She told me.

‘And what would that be?’ I asked her.

‘Can you take Harry out for an hour of so?’ She asks me.

‘Why?’ I asked I’m not doing anything till I know why.

‘So I can tell the other boys about Olivia’ she told.


‘Shut the fuck up and yes, so I can at least get along with somebody in this house’ she told me. 

‘Whatever, But you have to tell Harry before you leave’ I told her.

‘Deal, Thank you’ she said and gave me a big hug.

Abigail better tell Harry that Olivia is his daughter.

‘Harry come here’ I yelled for Harry because I don’t know where he is in the house.

‘What’s up mate?’ he asked me.

‘Come on we are going shopping so there is enough food for Niall to eat’ I told him and he just nodded.


Louis’ POV-


‘Zayn do you know where Harry is?’ I asked Zayn.

‘He went shopping with Carter to get food for Niall’ Zayn told me.


‘BOYS’ Abigail yelled. She finally wants to talk to us.

‘Yeah’ we all said and ran down to her.

‘I need to tell you 2 things’ she told us.

‘Ok’ we all said together again.

‘We are both staying here and no one is going anywhere. And you know my daughter?’ She told us

‘Is that the baby you were holding yesterday when you came in?’ Niall asked her and she nodded.

‘Yeah, What about her?’ I asked and Liam looked at me like ‘Don’t be so rude it’s her daughter’ I just nodded.

‘Well the father is someone that you know’ she told us. But who could it be.

‘Who do we know that you wold know?’ I asked her and all she said back was ‘Think’.

‘Wait a minute Harry always talks about Abigail and none of us knew her before yesterday. So there for its Harry’s and he’s not her either’ Liam said.

‘WHAT? OLIVIA IS HARRYS DAUGHTER’ Zayn and Niall screamed at the same time.

‘Yeah’ was all she said before running up to her room crying, what have the boys done?


Liam’s POV-


Olivia is Harry. Wow this has all gone so fast.

After Zayn and Niall yelled at her she ran to her room crying.


‘Boys what have you done to her. She won’t want to stay now’ I told the boys.

‘Sorry Liam we didn’t mean to’ they said at the same time.

Just as they said that Carter and Harry walked in the doors.


‘Where’s Abigail?’ Carter asked

‘Up in her room’ I told them. When I said that she walked down holding Olivia. I must say myself that Olivia does look a lot like Harry.

‘What’s wrong?’ Harry asked her but she just ignored him.

‘Carter can you please watch Olivia I’m going out for a while.’ She asked/told Carter.

‘Where are you going?’ He asked her.

‘Away for a while so I can think’ she told him.

‘Can I come?’ Harry asked.

‘No’ she snapped at him and then she walked out the door. I wonder if she will tell Harry that Olivia is his.

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