Forgive Or Forget.?

It has been 2 years since Abigail has seen her family.
2 years ago she found out she was pregant with the one and only Harry Styles child.
She got kicked out and moved London.
What happeneds when 2 years later she goes to see her family for christmas and Harry turns up.
*First Fanfic not hate please*


5. Chapter 3- Talking To The Family

Abigails POV-


I have been staying with Thomas for about 1 week now. I have been looking for a job and a house, but so far has been so luck. I have been ignoring Luke he has been around a few times to talk to me but I will never forgive him for saying what he did about my daughters father. I decide to check my email.

-1 new email-

That’s strange, I never get emails. It’s from my family. After 2 years they want to talk to me. I wonder why.

*Start Of Email*

Hi Abigail,

I know your probably wording why we want to talk to you after 2 years, but we want to know how you and our grandchild is going? We would also like you to come home for Christmas and please bring your beautiful baby with you? If you don’t want to come we understand. Your brothers and sisters miss you and so do me and your father. Please get back to us as soon as possible. Look forward to seeing you soon.


Love Samantha, Carter, Scarlett, Jayden, Dad, Mum, William and Morgan

*End Of Email*

Who the hell is William and Morgan?

Are they my younger brother and sister after Scarlett and Jayden?

I would like my mother and father to meet Olivia and my brothers and sisters meet their niece.

I replied.

*Start Of Email*

Dear Mum, Dad, Samantha, Carter, Scarlett, Jayden, William and Morgan.

I'm fine and Olivia is going just as well, Yes I have a beautiful girl, If you wording who the father is, it's Harry.

I moved to London and 1 week ago I ended it with my boyfriend, who cheated on me.

Olivia's full name is Olivia Emily Taylor. I don’t thinking having Styles was such a good idea.

I never see Harry.

I would love to come down for Christmas. It would be a good time for you to meet Olivia.

That’s just question...

Who are William and Morgan? Are they my new younger siblings?

Can't wait to see you.


Love Olivia and Abigail

*End Of Email*

I hope they email me back soon. Finally talking to my family for once in 2 years.

I got email back right away.

*Start Of Email*


Nice to know that you are both going well. We can’t wait to see you as well. Feels like a whole lot of our family is missing without you. We were waiting for the question about William and Morgan and no me and your father do not need any more kids five is enough. William is Samantha’s boyfriend and Morgan is Carters Girlfriend.

Can’t wait to see you and Olivia. It’s a beautiful name that you gave her, if she looks anything like you then she will be the most beautiful thing living. Samantha told us that Harry was the father.


Love you both beautiful. Give Olivia 8 big kisses and hugs from all of us.



Love Mum, Dad, Samantha, Cater, Scarlett, Jayden, William and Morgan.


*End Of Email*


Samantha has a boyfriend and Cater has a Girlfriend. God, I can’t wait to meet them.

I replied as soon as I could.


*Start Of Email*


Dear Family,


Can’t wait to see you and can’t wait to meet Morgan and William.

I got to go, Olivia is now awake and Olivia looks a lot like Harry.

Love you all. Xxx


Love Olivia and Abigail.


*End Of Email*


I got up and got Olivia ready.

‘Mummy, what are we doing today?’ Olivia asked me.

“Baby, we are going shopping’ I told her. She loves shopping.

‘I have something for you Olivia’ as soon as I told her, she came running.

‘What mummy, what mummy?’ she asked me.

‘8 big kisses and hugs from aunty Samantha, aunty Scarlett, aunty Morgan, uncle Cater, uncle Jayden, uncle William, Grandma and Pop’ I told her and then gave her 8 big hugs and kisses. After I gave her 8 big hugs and kisses she asked me,

‘Who are they?’

‘They are my brothers, sisters, sister in law, brother in law, mum and dad’ I told her and with that we left to go shopping.

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