Forgive Or Forget.?

It has been 2 years since Abigail has seen her family.
2 years ago she found out she was pregant with the one and only Harry Styles child.
She got kicked out and moved London.
What happeneds when 2 years later she goes to see her family for christmas and Harry turns up.
*First Fanfic not hate please*


4. Chapter 2- Reminds Me Of You

Abigail’s POV-


I'm sitting on my bed watching my beautiful baby girl sleep.

'She looks so much like Harry' I said to myself.

I don't know if I will ever be able to tell him that 2 years ago the only reason why I moved to London is because my father kicked me out because I was pregnant with your child. I can't just tell him because right now he is living his dream singing in a band called One Direction.

'Babe what are you doing up this early in the morning,?' My boyfriend Luke asked me. Stoping my thoughts.

'Um, I woke up because Olivia was have a bad dream and I got her to sleep but can’t get back o sleep myself.' I told him. He just nodded and laid back down.

I got up and went to have a shower before Olivia woke up again.


Harrys POV-


For 2 years now I haven't seen Abigail. I have been so worried about her. The day that she texted me and told me that she was moving to London, I went over to her house and he mum told me that she moved out. I have been looking for her everywhere in London but can never find her.

'What you thinking about mate?' Louis asked me.

'Abigail, I hope she is fine.' I answered his question.

'Why are you always thinking about her.?' Louis asked me and other question.

'God mate, what’s up with all the questions.?' I asked him.

'I asked you fist, so answer my questions and I'll answer yours' He told me. Got this boy is crazy.

'Fine, The only reason why I'm also thinking about her is because like 2 weeks before the X-Factor she send me a text telling me that she was moving to London and she didn't want a long relationship, so I went to her house and her mother told me that she moved out' I told him.

'Well she must a reason for it mate, Dent get yourself worked up over it' he said to me.

'yeah ok, I’m just so worried about her' juts just looked at me weird.

'If your so worried about her, Call her or text her' He told me, but there is one problem. I still have her number but she blocked my number and I can’t use other peoples phone because if she doesn’t know the number she doesn’t answer it.

'I can’t, I still have her number but she blocked mine and if I call from someone else phone she won’t answer because she doesn’t  know the number' I told him.

'Well maybe the reason she left was because of you' he told me.

I just got and left the room. How can the reason be because of me, I didn’t do anything we were a happy couple.

I miss my Abigail.


Abigail’s POV-


I was sitting on the lounge when I heard Olivia start crying. I got up and went to her

'What wrong baby' I asked her, I picked her up and went back into the lounge room and started listening to music. Just as we sat done  One Direction Little Things came on.

'Mummy, I like this song' Olivia told me. I’m the middle of the song my phone went off. It was a text from Thomas of Luke kissing another girl. Luke is fucking dead.

I put my phone down and went back and sat with Olivia. She looks so much like Harry it's not funny.

I miss Harry so much.


Thomas POV-


I was on my way to Gabriella’s house to pick her up to go and get Olivia Things for Christmas. On my was to Gabriella’s I saw Luke kissing another girl. I get a picture and sent it to Abigail

The whole time to Gabriella’s I was think 'Luke is so dead'.

Luke’s POV-

I got home and Abigail had all of hers and Olivia’s stuff packed.

'What the fuck is going on?' I yelled at her.

'I’m moving out because I don’t date cheaters and by the look of this picture you’re a fucking cheater.' she yelled at me and showed me the picture of me and this girl kissing. I didn’t say anything.

'So you did cheat on me.?' she yelled at me. I just nodded. I was gong to lie to her.

'You are a fucking dirty man, don’t ever talk to me again and don’t think about see Olivia aging because she is not your child and I don’t ever want her to be yours' she told me.

'NO!, she is not mine but she is that fucked up singer that you fucked before you got with me' I screamed at her.

'He is not fucked up. I was the one that ran away from him because my mother father  kicked me out. You’re the one that is fucked up.' she screamed at me and then walked out the door.

I just fucked everything up, all that I had had just walked out of the door because of me.


Abigail’s POV-


I called Thomas and he came and picked me up.

'Luke Fucking Used Me' I thought.

Abigail?' Thomas asked me.

'Yeah' I answered.

'don’t you think Olivia looks so much like Harry.?' He asked me.

'Yeah, my princess looks just like her daddy and I love them both' I told him.

I have never stopped loving Harry.

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