Forgive Or Forget.?

It has been 2 years since Abigail has seen her family.
2 years ago she found out she was pregant with the one and only Harry Styles child.
She got kicked out and moved London.
What happeneds when 2 years later she goes to see her family for christmas and Harry turns up.
*First Fanfic not hate please*


3. Chapter 1- 2 Years Ago

* 2 Years ago*


It was a sunny night.  I was going around to Harrys.

I always go there Sunday nights for a few hours. But today was different, because it was my birthday and he said that he has a surprise for me. When I got to his place he took me up to his room and we started to make out. He make the kiss deeper. The whole time he was kissing me I was thinking 'is the surprise sex.?'. I didn't say anything I just let him to whet he had planned to do and not make him sad because when i see him sad it makes me sad and I don’t like seeing him sad.

After A while We just laid  on his bed and talk. After about an hour of talking I look at the clock and saw The Time. 'FUCK' I screamed. I jumped of the bed and got into my clothes. ‘What’s wrong babe.' Harry ask me in a clam voice. 'I was meant to be home an hour ago, my dad is going to kill me' I told him and he just started laughing at me. 'you will live trust me just calm down' he told me, I let out a big breath. 'Harry I have to go, love you' before he could reply I was out his front door and half way down the street.

When I got home everybody was in bed, I ran to my room and sat on my bed for a little while. 'What a crazy night' I said to myself.


*2 weeks later*


I have been waking up every morning feeling like shit and I would spew a least 3 times a day. I haven’t been to school for the past 2 weeks. Harry has come and seen me every morning before he went to school and after school.


*1 week later*


I got my older sister to take me to the doctors today because she doesn’t have work. I was so nerves.

'You need to calm down a bit sis, what’s the worse that could happen.?' Samantha Said trying to calm me down. 'U, I could be dyeing to I could be pregnant and I’m only 15. Mum and dad will kill me.' I screamed at her. <'God sorry for asking' she replied annoyed that I yelled at her. 'No I'm sorry for yelling at you were only trying to calm me down.' I told her.

We turned up at the doctors and after about 15 minutes of waiting my name was called.

'Do you want me to stay her or come with you?' Samantha asked me.

'Come please, I don’t want to go in there alone' I told here.

We followed the doctor into a little room.

'Now what can I do for you Abigail.?' the doctor asked me.

'I have been sick the past 3 weeks, I have been wakening up almost spewing and then threw out the day I would spew 2 or more times' I answered his question.

He was writing down something and then he said 'sounds like you are pregnant so I'm going to have a look'.

I was so socked. After he finished looking he said to me that I was pregnant.

We got to the care and Samantha Said to me 'What are you going to do do.? If you tell mum and dad they are going to kill you and.... WAIT WHO THE FUCK IS THE FATHER.?' She scrammed the last bit at me.

'Harry, I have only done it once and it was with him on my birthday.' I told her.

She was so socked. She drove me home. I thanked her for taking to the doctors and ran inside to my bedroom and cried until I had no tears left.


*2 weeks later*


Mum dad I have something to tell you' I told my mum and dad. I think it might be time because I'm getting a bump. 'what is wrong darling?' my mum asked me. 'Sit' I told them. They did what I said and gave me a 'Talk away' look so I did.

'You know how 2 weeks ago I went to the doctors and Sam took me.?' I asked and the nodded so I went on. 'Well I'm not sick, Um I'm pregnant' As soon as I said that I was pregnant my dad kicked me out and mum just said there and didn’t say a thing.

I stood out the front of the house for a while and was thinking of where I could go. I then decide that I'm moving to London away from everyone.

I text harry telling him I that I had to break up with him because I was moving to London and I don’t want a long relationship and told him I will forever love him. I blocked his number and made my way to the airport to start fresh with me and this thing inside of me.

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