Forgive Or Forget.?

It has been 2 years since Abigail has seen her family.
2 years ago she found out she was pregant with the one and only Harry Styles child.
She got kicked out and moved London.
What happeneds when 2 years later she goes to see her family for christmas and Harry turns up.
*First Fanfic not hate please*


2. About Me!

*Main Charters*


Harry Styles


Age- 18

Birthday- 1.2.1994

BestFriends- Louis Niall Zayn and Liam

Family- Gemma(Older Sister) and Mum


Abigail Taylor


Age- 17

Birthday- 31.7.1995

Bestfriends- Gabriella and Thomas

Family- Samatha (Older sister)21, Carter (Older Brother) 20, Scarlett (Younger Sister)10, Jayden (Younger Brother)5, Brody (My Father), Charlotte (My mother) and Olivia Emily (my Daughter) 2.


Thomas Jones


Age- 18

Bithday- 24.2.1994

Bestfriends- Abigial and Gabriella

Family- Zoey (My mum) \


Gabriella Williams


Age- 18

Birthday- 30.8.1994

Bestfriends- Abigail and Thomas

Family- Oliver (Younger Brother) 10, Sophie (Mum) and Mazwell (dad)


Olivia Emily Taylor


Age- 2

Bithday- 9.10.2010

Family- Mummy



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