Three Little Words

A girl named Alyssa met the famous Harry Styles at her local sushi hibachi, Chung Mow. The waitress seated me with One direction and it was love at first sight.


4. Movie time!!<3

*Alyssa's P.O.V.*

Guys, how about we watch a movie now?
"Yea sure!" Everyone said.

 Me and Jackie sat on the coach as Harry raced to sit next to me, and Niall raced to sit next to Jackie. We started the movie. But  I had no idea what movie it was. So I asked Harry but he didn`t know either. He asked Liam and he just said "Its some sort of scary movie. I`ve never seen it before but everyone says that its really scary." I just looked at Harry, he said to me " Don`t worry, if you get scared, I`ll protect you." I herd Niall say the same thing to Jackie.  "Thanks." I replied back to Harry blushing. We started watching the movie and it was really scary… I could tell that Harry saw me scared so he put his arm around me as I moved closer to him.  There were a couple times were I turned into him to avoid the scariness of the movie

*Jackie`s P.O.V*
This movie is really scaring me.. I said to my self….. I turned into Niall just so I wouldn't have to see the scary parts of the movie. He put his arm around me and when he did that I just looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back…

*Alyssa`s P.O.V*

As we were watching the movie I leaned over to look at Jackie and she was falling asleep. I started to fall asleep also, as my eyes were closing my head was falling on his chest .  Harry could tell I was falling asleep. 


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