Three Little Words

A girl named Alyssa met the famous Harry Styles at her local sushi hibachi, Chung Mow. The waitress seated me with One direction and it was love at first sight.


2. Love At First Sight

*Niall`s P.O.V*

I was thinking of some reason for Jackie and Alyssa to come over...  Finally! I thought of....   "Hey Jackie, I think you left your wallet at my house."  "Umm... Niall I`ve never been to your house before.

Louis jumped out of his seat and said "Oh my god he wants you too to come over."

Jackie's P.O.V

Was it true, I thought to my self.. Niall Horan of One direction wanted me and Alyssa to come over and hangout with them! I said yes immediately with out letting Alyssa have a say in the answer.

"Umm, yea sure we would both love to come over" said Alyssa

*Alyssa`s P.O.V*

Oh my god! I thought to my self, Harry and Niall want me and Jackie to come over... Jackie was probably thinking the same thing

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