Three Little Words

A girl named Alyssa met the famous Harry Styles at her local sushi hibachi, Chung Mow. The waitress seated me with One direction and it was love at first sight.


5. In da morning

*Harry`s P.O.V*

When I woke up in the morning she was still laying in the same place. She woke up and so did the boys and Jackie. We all went out for breakfast and had an awesome time! 
*Jackie`s P.O.V*

I  still can`t believe  that I woke up in Niall Horan`s arms! He is just so perfect in every single way.We went for breakfast and then after that, Niall took me away from the boys and Alyssa and asked me if I wanted to go out Friday night. "Of corse!" I yelled

"Great! he said, I`ll pick you up at 8!" and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I picked out my dress as soon as I got home. I nearly destroyed my closet looking for something to wear. Finally! 


"YES!!!! JACKIE IS GOING OUT WITH ME ON FRIDAY!! WICH IS TOMORROW! I was thinking were to bring her, I couldn't think of a place so, I asked Alyssa. 

"Sushi! she loves sushi!" she said

"Sushi, got it!" I said

*Harry`s P.O.V*

I took Alyssa in the corner to ask her something. "Alyssa, would you like to hangout  with me, maybe Friday night 8:00 at my place? All the boys will be gone so it will just be us!" "YES! ABSOLUTELY!" She said I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

*Alyssa`s P.O.V*
"YAYAYAYAYAY Hanging out with Harry tomorrow!""Well, it was time to go after the lovely breakfast. So me and Jackie got in our car and could not stop talking about last night! It was actually just perfect!Jackie ended up coming back to my house and we both picked out clothes for tomorrow. Since I was just hanging at the boy`s house I just decided to wear a nice pair of jeans and a nice top. Jackie wore a beautiful blue strapless dress with sparkles on it.

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