Three Little Words

A girl named Alyssa met the famous Harry Styles at her local sushi hibachi, Chung Mow. The waitress seated me with One direction and it was love at first sight.


6. Friday Night

*Alyssa`s P.O.V*
I rang the doorbell to Harry`s house. "Wow! You look beautiful!" "Aww.. Thanks Harry! You look very Handsome as well!" "Thank you!" He said giving me a kiss on the lips. "What shall we do?" Harry asked. "Hmmm.. what about a walk in the park?" I said " Yea!!" he said

*Jackie`s P.O.V*
Niall`s car pulled up in front of my house and he came and rang the door bell... "Hey!" I said to him. WOW, you look really pretty. Awww thanks Niall, he gave me a friendly kiss on the cheek and walked me to his car. So Niall where are we going to dinner, I asked him. Its a secret he responded with, 

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