Dirty little cheaters

**FINISHED**One day Darcey came home from school. she went over to her boyfriend Nialls house. they play games and have fun. Later in the book Darcey walks in to see Niall kissing on another girl. Then she slams the door and speeds off. While that happens a car comes up behind her and crashes into the back of the car her memory is erased. Niall visits her at the hospital to try to get her mind back to normal. If her mind gets back to normal will she remember the time she got cheater on? READ to find out!!!!


5. The new kid


Its a new school day with remembering anything. At the begining of class we see a new kid walk in and the teacher introduces him to the class "Class this is our new student go ahead and tell them your name"
He goes, " hi im louis, louis tomlinson"
I look up to see his perfect teeth and his beautiful brown hair. I suddenly get caught in his eyes.
The teacher points the empty desk next to me to sit at.
I say, " hi im Darcey"
I can tell he gets caught in my green eyes, " hi darcey. What a beautiful name u have. Im louis tomlinson."
I start to blush. I look over at niall and see he looks kind of jelous that i got caught in his eyes faster then in his eyes.
I say, " louis u wanna meet after school with me and niall to go to starbucks?"
He says, " ya sure i would love to. Srry but whos niall?"
I go, " hes right here.
Niall says, " hello mate nice to meet u."


ok im probly the most jelous of all right now. Louis is so perfect and im so not. But theres nothing thaz special about his. Except he has perfect teeth and hair and im stuck with braces for another 4 years.


starting at this new school is great. Theres a really beautiful girl named Darcey. I wonder if Niall is her boy friend or best friend. I guess illnfind out some time.
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