Dirty little cheaters

**FINISHED**One day Darcey came home from school. she went over to her boyfriend Nialls house. they play games and have fun. Later in the book Darcey walks in to see Niall kissing on another girl. Then she slams the door and speeds off. While that happens a car comes up behind her and crashes into the back of the car her memory is erased. Niall visits her at the hospital to try to get her mind back to normal. If her mind gets back to normal will she remember the time she got cheater on? READ to find out!!!!


6. Ride to star bucks


me and niall are sitting in the front 2 seats holding hands and louis's in the back messing with his phone.


i see them holdinghands in the front seat so i guess that means there together.
I say, "so how long have you guys been together?" i really wish that never came out of my mouth.
Niall says, " about 3 years going to be 4 tomorrow"
I go, "really thats the longest couple i have ever known of!"
Then its all queit. I think shes in good hands but i love he and it looks like she loves me bur niall seems like a really nice guy to be ith. I know i sound gay right now but thats the way i think iguess.


he knows how long we have been together and that we are together. Me and niall have been together so long and niall loves me and i love him but there is also half me that wants louis. Ahh what do i do.
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