Dirty little cheaters

**FINISHED**One day Darcey came home from school. she went over to her boyfriend Nialls house. they play games and have fun. Later in the book Darcey walks in to see Niall kissing on another girl. Then she slams the door and speeds off. While that happens a car comes up behind her and crashes into the back of the car her memory is erased. Niall visits her at the hospital to try to get her mind back to normal. If her mind gets back to normal will she remember the time she got cheater on? READ to find out!!!!



Ok guys so its been since November 2, 2012 since i posted the last to this chapter. Thats cause the book was over.

I wanna ask something.

Do you want me to make a remake to it? Like make it better in the remake?

I wanna know cause latley ive been thinking about it.

Comment your thoughts. :) It would mean the world. :)

Thanks to everyone who favorite liked and read this. 

Now go comment away :) 

I dont care if my phone blows up from all the votes. Just please vote. :)

Thanks guys :)

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