Dirty little cheaters

**FINISHED**One day Darcey came home from school. she went over to her boyfriend Nialls house. they play games and have fun. Later in the book Darcey walks in to see Niall kissing on another girl. Then she slams the door and speeds off. While that happens a car comes up behind her and crashes into the back of the car her memory is erased. Niall visits her at the hospital to try to get her mind back to normal. If her mind gets back to normal will she remember the time she got cheater on? READ to find out!!!!


3. Memory Lost


I stay at her door for a while thinking then she speeds out the door to her car. I go get my car and chase her down the road thinking i need to find her. Right as i get into traffic. Theres and accident. I think i hope Darcey is safe. When i see the accident i see it was her car!!!! I feel wet tears flow down the face. Her car was messed up so bad in the back. I pull over and try to see whats goong on but nobody will let me. While the ambulance leaves to the hospital i race behind them as fast as i could. When i got to the hospital i needed to find what room Darcey was in. I ask the nurse and she say the first door on the right. Im shaking like crazy thinking "wow i cant beilive it!" I walk in her room. I ask how are u feeling Darcey. She replies, whos Darcey? I think oh my. I feel tears forming in my eyes and rolling down my cheeks. Then she says my head hurts. The doctor says i can help u with that. I still feel tears streming down my cheeks.


there is a guy at the end of my bed teared up. Calling me darcey. I dont know anything at all. I just sit there confused.


niall and darcey are in the room together with darceys mind lost.


When the doctor gets back in i ask what is worong with her. He says well it seems that the car knocked her mind right out of her. I feel even more tears come down my cheeks. Then he says. Its going to be your job to try to get her life back on track. Then he walks out. Im all teared up thinking im the reason she lost her memory. I am the reason. Why am i such a jerk?
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