Well it is about a guy who finds mushrooms in the woods and begins eating them. After that a lot of crazy stuff happens. By this stuff you may think being drugged by evil little mean old mushrooms is a fun joy ride :D Really I wouldn't know but kids! It ain't fun! Don't do Drugs it ain't cool! You got crazy time when you dream he he. Well that's crazy time for me. Well anyway onto this strange story... ;) (NOT FINISHED BUT PLEASE COMMENT ON WHAT YOU THINK SO FAR AND IF YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE, I GOT A LOT OF GOOD PLANS IN MY HEAD, JUST WANNA SEE I PEOPLE LIKE IT FIRST) :D


4. Visions...

He got the sudden urge to dance as music began to play in his mind. He leapt up and began to dance and bust out some really good moves. He realized what he was doing and stopped. He said to himself "right come on Nico, calm down! you got to get out of here. The forest is driving you insane!" He began to walk like a zombie. Stepping around wobbly with his arms outstretched in front of him ready to break any sudden falls that may occur. Everything think around him seemed more 3D and seemed to have a glowing blue aura around it. He got sudden happy feelings again. He liked then but had no idea why he was smirking so much. He was sniggering sightly again but it didn't last long. He was back to feeling paranoid about everything around him again. He suddenly felt like he was trapped in a bubble of negative thinking. He kept playing bad memories over in his head. He saw his wife in an image in front of him "I hate you!" she yelled at him. "BUT WHY!!!!" Nico cried out as his voice echoed round the land. He saw his three children now. In time with one another they said "why did you leave us daddy?" He cried out even louder "I didn't you don't understand!" He went to go towards them but  the wind caught the image and it feel into millions of dust particles and floated off into the sky. Nico fell to the floor, hands to his face crying his heart out for all his loses. "Oh Nico" a sweet voice called in the distance. He looked up to see a beautiful woman who looked a lot like his mum. She came up to him handing him a chocolate cup cake saying sweetly "you will be needing this my love". Nico took the cupcake and the woman faded to nothing. He began to eat the cup cake. He swallowed a few bites before realizing it actually tasted disgusting. He came back to reality and realized he was eating a pile of mud he had obviously picked up from the floor. He spat it all out and threw up slightly at the thought of all the germs that mud may have in it. He lobbed the remaining mud in his and to the floor. He said with a laugh as he was still high "never trust a fit lady that looks like your mother".

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