Well it is about a guy who finds mushrooms in the woods and begins eating them. After that a lot of crazy stuff happens. By this stuff you may think being drugged by evil little mean old mushrooms is a fun joy ride :D Really I wouldn't know but kids! It ain't fun! Don't do Drugs it ain't cool! You got crazy time when you dream he he. Well that's crazy time for me. Well anyway onto this strange story... ;) (NOT FINISHED BUT PLEASE COMMENT ON WHAT YOU THINK SO FAR AND IF YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE, I GOT A LOT OF GOOD PLANS IN MY HEAD, JUST WANNA SEE I PEOPLE LIKE IT FIRST) :D


2. It's Kicking In...

Nico sat there leaning against a very tall tree. He started feeling all nervous about everything around him. He looked all around him getting the freaky feeling that someone was watching him. He was totally tripping out. Totally freaked out by everything. He looked down at his hands stretched out in front of him. As he moved his hands around they left a trail as the image distorted and seemed to buffer real life. He was quite fascinated by this new discovery but soon forgot about it and began freaking out again. He got all shakey as he figited and squirmed about on the spot. Not knowing why he was so nervous and unsure on what to do about it. All of a sudden a brown branch like hand with sharp claws clasped down over his right shoulder. He leapt up with a blood curdling scream. "you will be one with the nature!" the tree yelled from a mouth it had formed on the trunk. The tree began to wobble like jelly. Nico looked up the tree forgetting it was now alive and said in an amazed tone ""day-om that tree is so tall!" He looked it up and down as it changed to the colour green for a trunk and brown leaves. He said with a laugh "oh man that is insane!" He then realized that the tree was alive and had talked to him a second ago. He said nervously "what do you mean by one with nature?" He gulped as he said this. What was he doing, talking with a blimmin tree. I mean seriously. He's lost it right!!!! The tree said "it means that either me or my palls will be having your soul tonight!" Nico freaked out as he circled round on the spot to see multicoloured trees all coming to life and reaching at him with jagged arms. He ran and on before ending up going through a tunnel that seemed endless. He got to the end as he fell into a pitch black hole of nothingness. He was falling further and further and was expecting the worse when he landed. He could not see a thing as he feel on down. He had to stop soon surely.

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