Well it is about a guy who finds mushrooms in the woods and begins eating them. After that a lot of crazy stuff happens. By this stuff you may think being drugged by evil little mean old mushrooms is a fun joy ride :D Really I wouldn't know but kids! It ain't fun! Don't do Drugs it ain't cool! You got crazy time when you dream he he. Well that's crazy time for me. Well anyway onto this strange story... ;)



1. In The Beginning...

Well it all started way back when a man named Nico had it all. He recently won the lottery winning thousands of pounds. He finally got the girl of his dreams. His darling Joanna had never liked him. Saying he was a push over who just got in her way. she said he was unhealthy useless old trash. Nico wondered why she never liked him. She had always been horrid to him and he had always been nice to her. When Joanna heard he had recently won thousands of pounds on the lottery she instantly came crawling to him. She didn't want to know him before but now he had money she was all over him. So were some other girls, but he pushed them away and soon enough married Joanna. She only wanted to drain the money out of him and then leave as Nico found out the hard way. When married you get half of everything. Her being poor there was nothing really she could give. But Nico had to half his lottery money with her by law. She was always asking him for stuff and him truly being a big push over always did and got whatever she wanted. The money was running out fast with Joanna around. Nico took no notice of this. He was more happy having Joanna rather than the money. As the money began to run low, over this time Nico and Joanna had three beautiful children. They had twin girls called Jessica and Jezza. The other baby was a boy called Daniel. Nico was the happiest man on earth. Two girls just as gorgeous as one another and a handsome young man. Soon enough the girls hit there 7th birthday and Daniel was now 5 years old. Nico wanted to throw the girls a really big party inviting all there friends. Renting out a place and getting a bouncy castle. He went to the Bank to get some money to find he was bankrupt. There was no money left. He went home to tell Joanna the bad news. She said nothing. She just looked at him with evil eyes and walked off to the bedroom. Nico shouted up to her "at least we still have each other". Joanna shouted down the stairs "god I don't even like you, I've never love either!" When Nico heard this he felt his heart break. How could she even say that after all he had done for her and all they had gone through together. Nico knew she was a snotty cow at times but what she said then was a bit extreme. She said to Nico that she needed to go out, get away from him to cool off. Nico let her go out thinking that was a good idea. She can think about what she just said and how much it hurt him.

When she came back she had papers that she gave to me. She said as she thrust them and a pen into my hand "here three papers for you to sign". Nico said "ok I will read through then later on then sign them". Joanna yelled "oh no you can't read then!" Nico looked like he knew something weird was going on as he said "oh really!? And whey ever not?!" Joanna looked at him desperately thinking up an answer. She suddenly yelled making Nico jump. "Because if you don't sign them now we will miss our opportunity. I can't explain but it's really good my love! You need to quickly sign the bottom of all three pieces of paper than we can go together and you will see what I mean by being good!" Nico sensed something was up trusting and loving his wife so much he lent on the coffee table and signed all three sheets handing them over to Joanna. She shook them menacingly in his face shouting with a sarcastic laugh "ha! You have no idea what you have just signed do you?!" Nico looked worried as he said "oh god what?!" Joanna laughed with an evil twisted smile before replying with "we are now officially divorced!" She pulled the ring off her finger and threw it at his face. She then laughed again while saying "this house is mine and you have to leave now or you will be arrested for trespassing!" Nico left realizing she was being horribly serious as she yelled to me " and don't even think about going to pick the kids up from school because you signed papers saying that they been handed over to me! You take them and I can do you for kidnapping!"

As Nico walked away from his life he felt crushed. How could Joanna do that to him after all he ever did for her. Nico walked on not knowing where he was going, where he now was, or what do do next. He did not care any more. The more he walked into oblivion the more he no longer cared about life. He was cold now as it got dark and a chilling wind nipped at his bare arms. He kept on walking till he got to a forest. He stopped for a second before sighing and then walking on deep into the huge endless forest. It got darer the deeper he went into the forest. By now he must have been at the heart of the forest as he collapsed with exhaustion. He fell on top of a load of mushrooms all clumped together as if cuddling one another for warmth. There were loads of groups of mushrooms all around him. There were so many and he  was surprised he had not noticed them before. Sadness had drained out of him and Curiosity creeped into his mind. Nico touched the top of one and it magically bruised the colour blue to his touch. He curiously picked one of them and began looking it up and down. It had a very long white stump and undercarage with white round the outer rim. The white merged into brown all the way into the centre top. It had lots of white little dots on it's top as well. He looked for a long time at it curiously before looking down at all the other mushrooms. "These mushrooms shouldn't kill me. They look far too tasty to do such a thing. I'm so hungry and even if they do kill me at least I will no longer be hungry or living a life of pain for that matter" he thought aloud to himself. He began to eat the mushrooms. One after the other. He must have eaten at least 10 by now. They must of tasted good. When he finally felt full up and no longer hungry he sat down for a while. He must have been sat there resting up against a tree for about 15 minutes. He felt suddenly really weird...

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