Well it is about a guy who finds mushrooms in the woods and begins eating them. After that a lot of crazy stuff happens. By this stuff you may think being drugged by evil little mean old mushrooms is a fun joy ride :D Really I wouldn't know but kids! It ain't fun! Don't do Drugs it ain't cool! You got crazy time when you dream he he. Well that's crazy time for me. Well anyway onto this strange story... ;) (NOT FINISHED BUT PLEASE COMMENT ON WHAT YOU THINK SO FAR AND IF YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE, I GOT A LOT OF GOOD PLANS IN MY HEAD, JUST WANNA SEE I PEOPLE LIKE IT FIRST) :D


3. Energy...

He falling sensation stopped as he felt a wave of nausea go over him. He had never hit the ground. He just stopped feeling like he was falling as he began to see the forest sideways from how he was led on the forest floor. He gets up and pukes out red stuff. It was blood and lots of it. He suddenly felt like he was going to die. Soon enough he felt like he was actually dead as the puking stop and he collapsed to the floor. His left leg shaking and wiggling uncontrollably as he went into a trance of some kind. He suddenly felt really hot. He got up as the heat became unbearable and sought of agonising. He took of his shirt throwing it to the ground. Steam appeared to be rising off of his body. Almost as if he was boiling. Just as quick as he felt cold, he soon enough felt really cold. He quickly put his shirt back on that he scooped up from on the floor. He stood there feeling really cold. Unable to warm up. He began to shiver at the cold feelings running through his body. Chilling up his spine. When he overcame this horrible feeling he sat down as he started to be sick again and felt like he could no longer stand on his own two feet as they felt like he was walking with noodles rather than legs now. There appeared to be loads of dust in the air as I closed my eyes and began rolling backwards and forwards. Rocking side to side while moaning and groaning as my sickness  began to fade away. I threw my head back in relief so my eyes looked upon the stars above. I closed my eyes trying to relax. Suddenly Nico could eel waves of energy pushing down through his body. These waves of energy were pulsating straight down through his body from head to toe. I weird thought suddenly shot through his mind. He thought that maybe the energy may be trying to push the soul out of his body. Considering it was going down and not up the maybe he was going down to hell. He suddenly freaked out and realized at this point that he was not breathing. He quickly shot upright and inhaled a load of air. He gasped to get as much air in as possible. He then stood up feeling the energy so suddenly lost now flowing back into his body very fast. He began to breath heavily and very deeply for a while. Just stood there breathing hard and motionless. His eyes seemed to glaze over with fogginess as he shook his head getting his sight back. The colours around him started to once more brighten before his very eyes. He suddenly felt really connected with everything around him. The trees, the ground, the sky. It wad a happy feeling that made him smile with pleasure. He felt like he was feeling and absorbing the atmospheres energy. Everything around him was filled with love, life, and glowing psychedelic energy. Everything suddenly felt and seemed so beautiful to him. He began to hug a tree. He felt united with his surroundings. A feeling of no longer being alone. He felt really different as he stopped hugging the tree, only just realizing what he was doing. He began to laugh uncontrollably. Not even knowing why he was laughing so hard. He was in hysterics. It took two minutes of constant laughing until his sides and chest hurt or him to finally stop and collapse to the floor with exhaustion. He got a sudden spinning sensation as he tripped out yet again.

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