The Truth Or Dare Game.....

This is a story wrote for language arts it's supposed to be horror or as i should say thriller. Just so you know some words that are in hear are not in my essay like for example.. : bad words ect... The Carecters Are: McKenzie(Main) Niall (main) Louis (little part) Jenna(little part) Clair (main) Harry(main)


1. Truth Or Dare.

One night Jenna, Louis, Niall and I, McKenzie got together at Niall's house. "LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!" Louis yelled across the room "Why do you all ways pick that?!" Jenna said. Knowing if she picks dare she'll get dared to do the worst thing ever, and if she picks truth she'll be asked "who do you like" "whats the worst thing you've ever done to someone" ect.. "I dont know! I just love that game to me its fun!" louis said excitedly. "ok ok" Jenna said a little down. "did someone say truth or dare? I love that game! If we play I get to go first" "Yay! Ok McKenzie Truth Or Dare?" Niall said sweetly. "hmmmm.... DARE!" i said maybe a little to hyper. " ok I dare you to go up in the attic and stay up there for one turn" Niall said not to sweetly. "uh do i have to?" i said a little scared. I've had a trama about attics becuase i always think there haunted. "Yep! You picked dare!" Louis said really fast not wanting to get hit. "fine." i said heading up the stairs towards the attic.

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