If Only

Marissa is American but she has lived in London her whole life. She first started loving One Direction when her friends got her into them. First she read the fan fictions than she started watching video diaries and downloading apps and now shes obsessed. Along with her friends Kat (Short for Katheryn) and Jasmine. One day while they are in a store they run into them. Read to find out what happens next.


3. Smoke

I woke with a start. Something wasn't right and I could feel it.

I sniffed the air smelling smoke. I then noticed the cracks underneath my door were glowing.

I went over to my door and felt it and gasped as the hot wood burned by skin. This could only mean one thing.


I looked frantically around my room for my cellphone before realizing I left it in the kitchen, charging. I opened the door as hot air blasted in my face. There was fire everywhere.

"Mom!" I called out hoping she could hear me maybe from the other side of the house. I had to get out of here. I couldn't just leave her behind.

I crawled on the ground trying to avoid the flames. The smoke was so thick that it burned my eyes and throat causing me to cough so hard I though I was going to puke.

I finally reached her door. Breathing out a sigh of relief I gripped the hot door knob hoping the fire hadn't reached her room yet.

I swung the door opened and was greeted with a seering hot blast of fire in my face. I screamed from the pain and covered my eyes as I fell to the ground in agony.

I than felt more pain in my calf and looked down at my leg. It was on fire.I eventually patted it out with my hand but that just burned my it.

I didn't have anywhere to go. I was trapped and I was going to die here. Burning up in the scorching flames and smoke.

At least I got to meet One Direction. Was my last thought before I passed out from the lack of oxygen to my lungs.

Harry's P.O.V

I couldn't sleep so I got up and got in my car to drive to the park.

When I sat down on a bench  I noticed alot of smoke coming from a certain spot in London.

I started running towards it as fast as I could. When I got closer I noticed it was a house on fire. It was burning badly and looked like it could collapse at any time.

Suddenly I heard a scream from inside the house. Someones still in there.

I ran over to the house and looked around it for some sort of opening. I eventually spotted a window and dove through it to go inside. I was greeted with a blast of hot smoke.

I started coughing and sheilded my eyes looking for the source of the screaming person.

Suddeny I noticed a foot laying on the ground. I walked over to it and saw a girls body that was badly burned. Then I realized it was the girl from the mall. Marissa.

There was a flaming board blocking the way to her. It was really high but im not sure if it was high enough to jump over. I took as much of a running start as I could get and flew over the board. Tumbling to the ground on the other side.

I looked at her badly burned face and sucked in a breath. It looked really bad. Then I noticed she wasn't breathing.

Oh gosh no. I rolled her over on her back and started doing chest compressions.It wasn't enough. I leaned closer to her and placed my mouth on hers breathing in and out, giving her CPR.

Her eyes flew open and she started breathing but imediatly started coughing.I picked her up bridal style and carried her through the burning house.

I dived through a window. Once I was outisde the house started collapsing. Where in the world were the firemen.

I carried her to the grass beside the road and set her down. She immediatly sat up and stared running back towards the house. No what was she doing?!

I wrapped my arms around her waist to prevent her from going back in there.

"No stop! My mom! She's in there!" Marissa started screaming and yelling while pounding on my chest.

"Marissa if you go back in there you'll die!" I yelled back at her. I noticed the firemen had arrived and were hosing down the remants of the house.

Marissa started sobbing into my chest and I held her there. "She was all I had left" I heard her whisper.

Marissa's P.O.V

My face was so hot it felt like it was on fire, my leg felt like someone was constantly poking it with a brander stick and my throat was scratchy and burning from the smoke.

When I was crying in Harry's arms I collapsed from the pain and he held me up.

Suddenly I saw an ambulance and people coming over to us. As I was being placed on a gurney and put in the back of the ambulance the last thing I saw before passing out was the rest of my house, collapsing into a pile of rubbish.









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