If Only

Marissa is American but she has lived in London her whole life. She first started loving One Direction when her friends got her into them. First she read the fan fictions than she started watching video diaries and downloading apps and now shes obsessed. Along with her friends Kat (Short for Katheryn) and Jasmine. One day while they are in a store they run into them. Read to find out what happens next.


2. In my dreams

Oh. My. Gosh.

My eyes widened as I realized that it was Harry Freaking Styles staring back at me.

"Sorry didn't mean to" He said.

I got up slowly,speechless and went over to my friends and pointed at One Direction. We all looked at them and then looked at eachother.

We started jumping up and down and screaming. Fangirling.

"Shh, girls stop your going to attract attention."

We all shut up. But as soon as we did we noticed some girls out side of the store were walking by and saw One Direction. Then they started screaming and ran in Hot Topic. Which got the attention of about every other girl in that section of the mall. So now there was a whole mob running in Hot Topic.

"Quick follow me" I said and we all ran into the only dressing room.

I was smashed against Zayn and Niall. Kat was smashed against Niall and Harry. Jas was against Harry and Liam and we were all just smashed against eachother. It was quite awkward.

"Guys!" Louis yelled. "I can't breathe"

"Shut up Louis you wouldn't be able to breathe if you were out there in the crowd of fans either" Zayn said.

"True" he said.

"Ugh how much longer?" I said squirming.

"Am I that bad?" Said Niall in his cute Irish accent.

I scrunched up my face and said "Ya you don't smell the greatest"

I look of shock came across his face.

I laughed "I'm just kidding"

"Oh" He said and chuckled. "Well since I'm pretty sure you already know our names how about we know yours"

"Well I'm Marissa and this is Jasmine and Kat"

"Ok" I said. "Niall can I give you a hug?" 

"Sure" Niall said and hugged me which was pretty easy considering the small space we were all in. They were right. Niall was the best hugger.

"Why'd you want to give him a hug?" Kat asked.

"Horan hugs. Duh" I said and Niall laughed.

I could still hear the screaming fans outside the door. I looked up.

There was a pretty big air duct vent thing that I'm sure we could all fit into.

"Guys we are going to have to go in that." I said pointing up.

"Ugh is that the only way?" Kat whined.

"Yes unless you want to get mobbed by fans." Liam said.

"Ok I'll go first." The ceiling was low so I just had to step on Liams intertwined hands to reach the top.

Behind me came Harry, Jas, Kat, Niall, Louis, Zayn, than Liam.

Everyone started crawling forward in the small dark tunnel.

"Louis you have the biggest butt ever" Zayn said.

"Look whos talking big butt Zayn" Liam said and I heard a smacking sound.

"Ouch! Liam you almost made me mess up my hair"Zayn whined.

"Grow up!" I heard Jas yell and everyone started laughing.

"I don't know guys I have a pretty nice view" Harry said.

"Hey!" I said and kicked my foot back.

Harry yelped as it hit his knee.

"I'm with you there Harry" Said Niall which was soon followed by a yelp as Kat kicked him too.

"Me too!" Louis yelled over everything and everyone laughed.

I then felt nothing but air and then I landed in a pile of clothes and rolled to the ground.

"Ouch" I said and was about ready to get up when I saw Harrys hand in front of my face.

I grabbed it and it was really warm.

"Thanks" I muttered shyly.

"Your welcome." He said and smiled warmly.

I then looked around and realized we were all in a hollister store and I had landed in a pile of clothes on a table.

"I hate Hollister. It's always to dark and the smell is to strong" Jas said.

"I agree, lets get out of here" Liam said while scrunching up his nose.

Once we were out of the store we basically sprinted to the exit. Hoping not to be seen by any One Direction fans.

When we got outside we all said our goodbyes and left.


"I still can't believe we got to meet One Direction!"

Kat yelled while we were in the car on our way back.

"I know right! I thought I would only be able to meet them in my dreams and Harrys even more amaZAYN in person." I said giggling.

"Oh whatever Louis is phenomoNIALL" Jas said back.

Jasmine is the oldest out of the three of us. She's 19 while me, Kat and Alice are 17.

I had shoulder length blond brown hair with greenish eyes and I was average height.

Kat had the same color hair as me but a bit shorter with brown eyes. Jasmine had lond dark brown hair with dark brown eyes.

"Girls please did you see Nialls eyes. He is FabuLOUIS."

"You know what? They are all ExtraordinHARRY" I exclaimed.

"Yeah and BrilLIAM" Said Kat.

Then we all burst out laughing at our weirdness.

After they dropped me off I went upstairs and tried to get some sleep after the events of the day. I wondered if I was ever go to see them again.



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