Niall and the new kid

It is about a new kid in school who meets Niall Horan, but has never heard about him or his band. This is a story about how they become really good friends. But there is a terrible thing. Niall's mom is gonna take him out of the band if he keeps getting in trouble, so Catie,the new kid, helps him not to get in trouble.


7. The plan

                  I catched up to Harry and said " I am going to try to get Niall's mom to say yes for him to get back in the band." "Reall?" he asked. "Would that help?" I asked. " yes" he replied. Then the bell rang. aww man I thought late again. When I got in class we had to work on the project, But I couldn't focus.

                  That period I thought of a way to get Niall's mom to say he can be in the band. Finally when the bell rang I had the perfect plan. "So... What's the plan?" Niall asked as I walked to my locker. " Here's the plan. We will tell your mom that if you are good for the rest of the next two weeks then will she accept you into the band. Hopefully she will". I said.

                   "Ok, but I cannot wait that long." Niall said. "Well, if you want to be in the band you are going to have to." I replied. "But what if I cannot stay "good" long enough?"He asked."I will watch you." I said. " Last time you said you would watch me it turned out to ruin the band." "I promise I will" "Ok"

                    After school we went to Niall's house. " Hi Mrs. Horan" I said politely. "Hello, why are you here?" She responded. " Because Niall wants to ask you some thing and I should watch him."I said. Then Niall asked "If i am good for the next two weeks will you accept me into the band?"

                    "Only if you do chores for those two weeks." she said. I could see that Niall was about to get angry and shout, but before he said anything I puuled him aside. "Just say yes" I whispered to him. He did not say anything instead he went to his mom and said "NO!" and went up stairs.

                      The next day at school I saw Niall and went up to him. "Why did you do that yesterday?" I asked him. " Because I am already doing enough chores."  Then I said "Do you want to save the band or not?"  He took a while to answer "I will think about it. After class I will tell you.

                       After that next period he said " I will do it. I just called my mom and told her." He said, then I schreeched with joy and hugged him. Then I felt embarresed and said I had to go.


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