Niall and the new kid

It is about a new kid in school who meets Niall Horan, but has never heard about him or his band. This is a story about how they become really good friends. But there is a terrible thing. Niall's mom is gonna take him out of the band if he keeps getting in trouble, so Catie,the new kid, helps him not to get in trouble.


1. The new kid

         " Wake up NOW!" my mom yelled. I sat up and asked " But, why? We just moved.". "Because you have school.". I got out of bed and got ready. I never have been the new kid so I was soo scared. " HURRY UP! You are gonna be late to school." my mom said.  "Ok. I am coming."

              When I walked in the school I knew there was nobody I knew from my old school ( of coarse) I was just hoping there would be. (RING) Oh no I thought I was going to be late to class. I started running across the hallway. " Hey. Stop right there!" I turned around and stoped and saw someone who should not be in school. "Who are you?" I asked. " I am the princible of this school. Now why were you running?". " I am late to class." I said. " Go to my office now." she said. " But..."  " No Buts".

               I walked to the office without any other arguements. When I got there she told me that even though I was late to class I should have not been running. Then she gave me detention for a week. What a mean princible I thought. I should have never came today.

                 When I got to class the teacher, Ms. R, hadn't even took roll yet. I thought that was wierd. Everybody was there exept for one kid, Niall Horan. When people found out that he was absent some people were happy,but most were sad. Wow I thought, he must be popular in this school. In my next class there were two people absent who seemed to be  popular, Liam Payne and Harry Styles. I was wondering why all the popular kids were absent.

                    In the next class it seemed that there were three people absent,who also seemed popular, Niall, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson. I had all of my other classes with that Niall kid and some other classes with the other absent kids. After school I heard everybody talking about the five kids who were absent today. Almost all of the girls and only some of the boys were sad that they were not here. What is so special about them I wondered.

                     I told my mom how there were five absent kids and everybody was talking about them. She said that they might just be really popular in that school. I usually do not get along with the popular kids. They always seem mean to me in my old school, So I just decided to let it go. Anyway i did have saturday detention I needed to get some sleep.


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