Niall and the new kid

It is about a new kid in school who meets Niall Horan, but has never heard about him or his band. This is a story about how they become really good friends. But there is a terrible thing. Niall's mom is gonna take him out of the band if he keeps getting in trouble, so Catie,the new kid, helps him not to get in trouble.


6. Telling Niall that I can get him back in the band

                  I hung up without saying bye. I started crying on my pillow. I couldn't believe it, the band was going to end. I could not let that happen. I was gonna have to go to school while I am sick.

                 The next day I went to school. Niall was just standing at is locker. I saw the other four guys in the cafe, so I went over to them asking about Niall. "Ever since he found out about detention he has not been his regular self. He used to mess around and be funny. Now he is just serious." Harry said.

                When I walked out of the cafe Niall was still at his locker. I went over to him and asked if he was okay. He said that he did not feel good. Especially that he was not in the band. "I'll get you back in the band." I blurted out. I didn't even know how I will get him back in the band. "Seirously?!" When he said that he looked happy I just had to say "Yes"

                The bell rang. I saw Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam run out of the cafe. "c'mon, Niall we are going to be late." I said. We headed to class. When I walked in the room there was somebody in my seat. "that's my seat" I said to the girl in my seat. "No, we got new partners, which means we got new seats."she said. "Ok" I said a little annoyed. The girl had an attitude with me.

                  The whole period I was thinking of a plan to get Niall back in the band. While I was so close to a good plan, the bell rang, which got me to lose track of my plan. I went to my locker. "Hi" Niall said in a happy voice I have never heard him in before. "Why are you so happy?" I asked. "Because you said that you can get me back in the band." He responded "So do you have a plan?"

                  "Uhhh" I did not know what to say. "you don't do you?" he asked. He looked sad at that moment and I hate it when he is sad. "of course I have a plan." I said even though it was not true. "Ok then, say it" he said. Lucky for me the bell rang and that was the class we didn't have together so I had time to think. "I'll tell you after class, see you then."

                   When I was walking to class I saw Harry sad, so I went over to him. "What's wrong?" I asked worried. He said it right away "There is no more band. There is no more One Direction."

                   Then he started walking to his class I think he was about to cry. When he said it I could hear it in his voice. No more One Direction I thought. How could this be?

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