Niall and the new kid

It is about a new kid in school who meets Niall Horan, but has never heard about him or his band. This is a story about how they become really good friends. But there is a terrible thing. Niall's mom is gonna take him out of the band if he keeps getting in trouble, so Catie,the new kid, helps him not to get in trouble.


9. Even more trouble

                                 The next day I went to Niall's house.I saw him cleaning dishes. "So..How do you like your chores?" I asked him. He answered,"They are horrible. I wish I could stop getting in trouble so much." "Well,I will try to help you", I replied.

                                   On Monday my group had to work on the project, but for some reason Niall wasn't in class. Oh no, I thought, he might be trying to skip. About ten minutes later Niall came into the classroom. He got caught by the princible. When he sat down at the table I asked him what happened. "I was gonna skip, but then got caught.".

                                 I was speechless. I could not say anything, I was too angry with him. Then I got back to reality and said "I thought you were going to stay out of trouble!" "I was until I found out that the project was due today, I was not ready.", He answered "That isn,'t a reason to skip, by the way the project is not due today, it is due in the end of the week."

                                  "Oh", Niall replied, "I have detention and E.C. What am I going to do.", I answered, "I don't know, I'm going to have to think, I will tell you at lunch." When the bell rang for the next class, I had to run, because it was all the way on the other side of the school. Too bad I didn't get to class on time.

                                    In all the other classes before lunch I tried to figure out what Niall could do. By lunch I went to Niall's table. He asked me if I knew yet. "I will tell you when I come back from getting my food." I told him. When I was in line I thought of what to tell Niall. I got to the table and told him, "You have to lie to your mom."

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