Niall and the new kid

It is about a new kid in school who meets Niall Horan, but has never heard about him or his band. This is a story about how they become really good friends. But there is a terrible thing. Niall's mom is gonna take him out of the band if he keeps getting in trouble, so Catie,the new kid, helps him not to get in trouble.


2. Detetion

                   When I walked into the detention room there were about ten other kids. Four of the kids I did not see yesterday. I thought that maybe they were four out of the five who were absent yesterday. It was my first time in detention. I thought the teacher had to stay with us, but she left and everybody started talking. The four who were absent yesterday were singing. I thought they were good.

                   I started talking to them, I was scared because usually when I talk to popular kids they start being mean, but these kids were nice. The curly haired one was Harry, The black haired one was Zayn, the short haired one was Liam, and then the funny one was Louies. "So" I asked "There was another kid yesterday who was absent is he your friend?" " Yes" They answered at the same time. I asked them if he has detetion it turns out that is Irish and he was visiting his family, but because of that the princible gave him a week of detention starting today, but he is going to be late.

                   After a while a blonde haired came in and sat down by us and asked the other guys who was I. I decided to answer for my self " My name is Catie". "cool" he said. Someone all of a sudden just said " she's coming" I thought maybe another student was coming, but everybody elase was moving to there seat, so I did the same thing. Then the teacher came in and looked at Niall.

                    " Niall, why are you late?" Niall didn't have time to answer before the teacher said "You are getting another week of detention". I couldn't belive how mean the teachers were here, so I stood up for him. " It isn't his fault! He would have been here on time, but he couldn't...."  "stop it you are gonna get your self into trouble" Niall whispered to me.  I yelled when I said this  because I was so upset at the teachers at this school.

                      " I do not care! He couldn't get here on time because he was getting back from Ireland! What is so bad about that?"  " You are getting another TWO weeks of detention!" The teacher yelled at me. " And Niall I am taking three days off of your detention."   " Thank you Ms. L, But can you take days off of Catie's detention too, Maybe a week and four days?" Niall asked.  " NO! She was talking back to me and that is not acceptable."

                       Finally Ms. L left then Niall started singing and after the other four started along. I went over there and suggested they should be like a school band or something like that. "We already are. You didn't know that?!" They acted suprised. "No" I said " My first day was yesterday how would I know that you guys were a school band?".  Then Zayn spoke up " We are not a school band. We are a band that is known all over the world. How do you not know about us?". Then I said " I was never really a music person I guess. What is your band's name?. They all spoke at the same time " One Direction" 

                        Then after a while of hearing their awesome songs , the teacher came and dissmised us. " See you monday" I told the boys as they left. Now I understood that everybody was upset yesterday, but I felt horrible because they are a famous band all across the world and i did not know about them. I ran home and told my mom everything. 

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