Little things

you know you never miss something so much until you notice its gone.


6. chapter 6

Zayn's POV

When she asked that question, it made me go balistic (ba-lis-tic)...

"You are you, you are the beautiful girl that I laid eyes on. You are just perfect, who wouldnt want to be in my position right now?!" I asked.

"I dont know what to speechless. Oh and since we are in a relationship, can I tell you something?" she asked.

"Ya, im listening." I said, as I took her hand in mine.

" im wearing blue underwear." she whispered, causing us both to laugh like crazy.

"Wow, and guess what?" I asked her as we calmed down.

"What?" she asked curiously.

"Im in love with you. You are my mirror, and we all know that I obsess over mirriors. Now its going to be hard to leave you at night." I said as I kissed her softly, I was about to pull back but she pulled me I love this girl. We made-out for awhile when we both pulled away smiling.

"Wanna head back now?" she asked.

"Its already...4:45pm...wait 4:45?! We gotta run!" I exclaimed, as I picked her up and ran her to the car...we were in such a rush that it was all a mistake.

I saw a pick-up truck making its was towards us...the last thing I remember was that we both said 'I love you' then we blacked out after hearing the ambulance trucks and our hands gripping onto each one could seperate us.

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