Little things

you know you never miss something so much until you notice its gone.


5. chapter 5

Zayn's POV

I woke up to some weird noises...I looked over and saw Sam staring at me with a devious smile...NIALL HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

"You know...that there is this one thing that I want to tell Zayn, Maya..." she said.

"Ok...what would that be?" I asked in a girl's voice...I really needed to know.

"I want to tell Zayn that I----wait my phone is ringing..." she said and held her hand up to her face like it was a phone. Ugh! I really wanna know what the secret is! Although, I have an idea some what of what she was going to say.

"Hello? Yes this is she...yup I am Zayn's girlfriend...hell no im not breaking up with him! Ya well go die in a hole! You cant handle the fact that me and Zayn are in a are just jealous. Im not using him for his fame! Goodbye mum." she said into the phone...mum? I thought she passed away...well she might still think she is alive.

"You are in a relationship with Zayn?!" I asked with my regular voice.

"Shhhh...Zayn might know now...uggggggh!" she said...thats when I crashed my lips on hers...I wanted her to be mine. I could feel her kiss back immediantly...then her eyes opened and she blushed.

"Zayn, what was that for?" she asked as she wipped her eyes and yawned.

"Sammi, will you be my girlfriend?" I asked confidently.

"Yes. I would love to!" she exclaimed smiling, then we continued to make-out...until that phone call from Niall. Sam hurried up and put it on speaker phone.

~*Sammi, I am coming to get you...and if I find you with Zayn...then you will be in huge ass trouble.*~

*~Niall...I am with Zayn ok? Nothing happend though. I swear!~*

~*Not what the papz said...I saw a pic of you and Zayn in the same to explain?!*~

*~I almost drownded Niall...I swear, so I had Zayn keep an eye on me so I didnt drown.~*

~*Ok, just be back by you sissy!*~

*~Love you too! Bye~*

"Close call." I said as I kissed Sam's cheek.

"I know...Zayn I have a question for you..." Sam stated.

"Ok...whats the question?" I asked.

"Why me?" she questioned.


~~~* Hey guys Sammi here. Just wanted to say that I am here if you ever need to chat...just email me at: I would be more than glad to help you. xx Sammi ~~~*

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