Little things

you know you never miss something so much until you notice its gone.


3. chapter 3

Sam's POV

Im so glad I didnt expose my secret yet...especially to him...haha...

"Sammi, can I talk to you in your room?" Zayn asked just as I sat down on the couch. Ugh, like seriously he is going to make me get up...and walk to my room, how fair is that?!

"I just sat down!" I complained, he just walked over to me...picked me up bridal style...with his hand on my ass just great. I started to laugh for no reason. Finally we reached my room, thank gosh cause I couldnt handle it anymore...but he closed and locked the door.

" want the easy way or the hard way?" he asked. What did he mean by that?!

"What do you mean?" I asked clearly confused.

"You are going to tell me what the secret is..." he demanded.

"Haha in your dreams." I said with a smile.

"Well...I guess its the hard way." he said...then he pulled my iPod out, and placed it in his pocket. Oh so he wants to play it that way huh?

"Give that back to me...or else." I warned.

"Or else what?" he challenged. I stood up...and jumped on him (not like that) pinning him down.

"Your breath smells like onions." he said with a disgusted face...this was my chance.

"Ya? Well you wanna taste onions?" I asked with a smirk.

"It depends...but I like that idea." he said. I leaned in, so did he and thats when I took an onion out of my pocket and placed it in his mouth....then he spit it out on my face.

"Ewwwwww!" I exclaimed and fell on my back...thats when he pinned me down, those eyes were to die for.

"Thats what you get. Want me to get that for you?" he asked.

"Im good...wait..." I began but then the door opened...and then appeared Niall with lipstick in his hands...he gasped then ran over ulling Zayn off of me.

"Good. What in the hell happend?" he asked with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Well...I wouldnt tell him my ya this happend...but nothing gross or inappropriate." I replied with a chuckle at the end.

"Thank you lord. Anyway...whats the whole secret?" he asked suddenly interested.

"Haha I cant say with him in the room." I replied pointing to Zayn.

"Ugh, fine I will leave." Zayn grunted, then left closing the door.


Zayn's POV

I walked out of the room, closing the door...but not exactly leaving the door. I just listened through the door.

"Mmmhmmm....oh really?" I heard Niall ask...then the door opened and I came stumbling in falling on my face, I looked up and saw Sammi.

"Bad bad bad boy Malik." she said with a smirk, then dragged me into the room...while closing the door.

"You really wanna know what my secret is?" she asked deviously.

"Not reall-" I began...but then the unexpected happend.

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