Little things

you know you never miss something so much until you notice its gone.


2. chapter 2

Zayn's POV

Score! I got to take Sam to her room. On our way up to her room, she ran her fingers through my hair and started giggling.

"Your so hot!" she said as she placed her head on the coak of my neck (sry if i cant spell)...then I heard her let out a small snore. I placed her on her bed and as I was about to walk out, I felt her tug me back.

"Please stay with me." she mumbled.

"Sweety, I cant...your brother would kill me." I whispered.

"Your so funny...hey can we go get ran over by a car together?! Ya! Lets do that!" she exclaimed, then started to run out of her room with me still in her grip.

"Where are you guys going?!" Liam asked confused.

"She is taking me to get ran over by a car!" I said excitedly with sarcasm in my voice. Then...she ran into the fridge, pulled out some onions and started to eat it, after letting go of me.

"You know...we can go all the way to....ooooooooh im going to tell Niall about you making me make out with Justin Bieber with mustard on my face!" she yelled as she got ketchup out of the fridge, lifted up her shirt to reveal her stomach and squirted her stomach.

"Ooooooooh Zayn, ya lets go die in a hole...with my pet gold fish and his name is....wait for it A! Dont even ask me how I figured that name out, ok so I went through the whole alphabet like 200 times, just to find the name out! I started from z then made my way all the way to t!" she exclaimed happily. (Haha ok, sorry to mess this up...but she doesnt quiet know her alphabet when she is asleep. xx Sammi)

And with that she fell to the ground, snoring. I looked back at the guys...and they all looked shocked, but not for now...thats when we started laughing....then we crashed (fell asleep) right where we were standing...mine happend to be the closest to Sammi...mmhmmm im so awesome!


                     **Next Morning**

"Zayn..." I heard someone whisper-shout in my ear, making me flutter my eyes open...I came face to face with Sam.

"Hey Sam, whats up?" I asked, while sitting up next to her.

"Well, can you explain to me why my breath tastes like onions and I have ketchup on my stomach?" she asked. Thats when I explained the whole scene from last night to her, ending with us both laughing like crazy.

"You wanna know what?" she asked.

"I still havent admitted something! Haha!" she admitted.

"Oh ya and what is that?" I asked.

"I cant tell you silly!" she said with a smile on her face.


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