Dancing in the living room.

Alyssa was just another girl, singing to One Direction. Dancing in the living room, maybe to much.. But when you keep the windows open and everyone can see. Sometimes when certain cars get stopped at the red light, and look into the house you might just get lucky. But when a agent of a pop sensation sees you, you might just get that one special moment...


9. Chapter 9

                                          Trinity’s P.O.V



I went to the studio with Simon and I think I might have just fully just decided on Scooter. We talked about me for a little bit, and how long I have been dancing. Which was for 15 years, so since I was five, and im 19 now. So When there was a silence, Simon broke it:


Simon: Trinity, You a wonderful, experienced dancer, and I bet only a few people know your name, and I would Love to sign you. I want to make you a household name.


Trinity: That seems so impossible.


Simon: Break the word impossible apart. It is “I’m” possible.


Trinity: Do you live by that?


Simon: Yes. Now would you like to sign with me?


At that second I stopped, my whole world could change if I answered this question. I mean Alyssa was with Scooter, and I’m sure Scooter couldn’t offer as much as simon could. So I know this is a dumb move and I should talk it over, I had this gut feeling that this would be a good choice.


Simon: Trinity? Uhh?

Trinity: Sorry I had to think.

Simon: Oh No, its fine take as much time as you need.

Trinity: Thank you, but I think I decided, that I would…. Love to sign with you!

Simon: Really? That’s wonderful. Let me be back in a few minutes with a contract.

Trinity: Okay.


I sat there for about seven minutes, good thing I had my iphone with me! I was lurking around on instagram, and twitter. It seemed really quiet. Then I heard some voices.


Voice #1: No, No I Double dare you!

Voice #2: No,

Voice #3: Come on man! I heard she is hot.


Then I realized those voiced belonged to the boys of one direction. I silently freaked out, and mentally and physically froze like a ice berg The voices started again, this timke I could make out the voices and who each voice they belonged too.

Louis: Come on Harry I Doubled dared you,

Harry: Please Lou.. No.

Zayn: Come on. I told you she is hot.

Harry: And how do you know that?

Niall: I actually opened the door well they walked down the hall, but they didn’t see me.

Liam: No. Please let her be,

Louis: Never, us let girls be? Haaa oh your funny! Harry do it.

Harry: No.

Louis: I will pay you 15.00$

Harry: Promise?

Louis: Yea



Then Second later the doors opened, and I was sitting on the softest couch ever. I didn’t look up, but I knew he was standing right there, and all the boys were looking through the door. I didn’t want to look at him, I didn’t want to seem like a dork in front of Harry Styles. As hot as he is.


Harry: Hello.


I finally looked up, and tried not to look impressed.


Trinity: Uh, Hey?

Harry: Whats your name.

Trinity: Trinity.

Harry: A beautiful name for a beautiful gi-

Trinity: A repeated pick-up line for a player.


When I said that all the boys in the door way started laughing and Harry Actully looked hurt. Oops.


Trinity: I’m just kidding silly


He curled his lip over and just stood there looking sad with the puppy dog eyes, so I stood up and gave him a hug, and them he smiled. I laughed and sat back down.


As soon as I sat down simon came into the room, and looked so pissed it scared me.


Simon: Harry

Harry: Oh Crap.

Simon: I leave a female alone for three minitues and you have to flirt with her don’t ya?


Harry didn’t even try to defend himself he just walked out of the room.




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Funny Quote of the chapter:


“ Time is very prescious, make sure to waste it wisely!”


Remember, Your Awesome,



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