Dancing in the living room.

Alyssa was just another girl, singing to One Direction. Dancing in the living room, maybe to much.. But when you keep the windows open and everyone can see. Sometimes when certain cars get stopped at the red light, and look into the house you might just get lucky. But when a agent of a pop sensation sees you, you might just get that one special moment...


5. Chapter 5

                                           Alyssa’s P.O.V



I sat there looking at my laptop. Still in utter shock of what I was looking at. To be more specific looking at Twitter!



@NickiManji: Found this on Youtube a couple of hours ago, this girl has mad skills *link*


I clicked on the link, it showed a girl dancing to pound the alarm at a roller skating rink, then I came to realize that  IT WAS ME. I fricken flipped out in my house!  Then I remembered that Trinity was in it too, I screamed at the top of my lungs at her “ NICKI MANJI SAW THE VIDEO OF US DANCING TO POUND THE ALARM! I showed her my laptop and her eyes widened, it was amazing.


I then I cheacked my interations, I had one tweet.


( I don’t know if these are real twitter names, sorry for using them if you didn’t want me too.)


@seemerollin3: See I told you one day you would be famous.


I clicked her profile, her profile picture was a picture of me and her, from the roller skating rink. Wow. She called it this afternoon, she was the one who said I was going to be famous at the rink she deserves a follow.


@seemerollin3 Follow


A couple seconds later she tweeted again:


@seemerollin3: Oh My gosh Thank you Alyssa Ronn for following me!



Wow. It feels nice for someone to praise you for following them. It was kinda creepy that she already knew my last name though. I decided to Direct message her.


DM:To: @seemerolling3: Hey no prob for the follow. Anything for someone who knows my future J



After that my interactions went crazy. I didn’t know why then I saw a tweet from Nicki Manji again:


@NickiManji: Ahh, Found you! The Amazing roller skating dancer is Alyssa Ronn


Well now I understand… Great.  I checked my account 12,359 followers! What? INSANE!


I  showed Trinity the whole thing. I felt bad, but I think I made up for it when I tweeted:


@AlyssaRon  I’m not the only one in the video.. give some credit to @trinityforever09


(Again I don’t know if that’s an actual twitter =, sorry if its yours or someone you know)


I showed her what I did and we both knew what we had to do now, MAKE A YOUTUBE!

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